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Warm, sinuous, natural: the honey blonde balayage is the new obsession of all of us (stars and celebrities including). Thanks to a masterful play of light and shades it is possible to obtain a natural, soft and enveloping color that is difficult to resist. It lights up the complexion and revitalizes the skin, while giving an edge to the face in general: performing the right lightening in strategic points in fact, it is possible to highlight our features. Thanks to balayage we can stretch the face, highlight the eyes, create a frame for the face, and so on. In short, if even the star And celebs they choose this type of hairstyle there must be a reason! We take inspiration right from them to discover the best ones styling with honey blonde balayage to try in the coming months.

Honey blonde balayage like Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried loves to play with shades of blonde, but including one ash base natural. The actress of Oh mama! rekindled his grayish mane with a series of honey blonde highlights scattered all over on the crown. Perfect for enhancing the look.

Honey blond balayage, the proposal by Emma Stone

First red, then copper and finally faithful blonde, the actress Emma Stone he loves to play with his hair. This time she sports a very honey blonde balayage natural, which only lightens some areas of the hair – such as the lateral front locks, perfect for framing the face. She opted for one very hot blond on a medium basis that literally makes her eyes shine.

Honey Blonde Balayage by Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker she has never abandoned her classic and iconic blonde hair, however ranging and experimenting with lightening and nuances different. This honey blonde balayage on base Dark blonde it turns out particularly chic it’s natural, effortlessly elegant. The thousand strokes of light go well with its classic foliage wavy.

Sydney Sweeney’s honey blonde balayage

There star Of Euphoria has often made people talk because of his trendy hairstyle and always flawless. We see her here with a toned honey blonde balayage more soft compared to those we have seen previously, with a effect sunkissed very natural. This shade works especially well on too medium and short cutsbecause it resembles the natural one resulting from prolonged exposure to the sun.

Saoirse Ronan honey blonde balayage

honey blonde balayage

Euan Cherry/BAFTAGetty Images

Saoirse Ronan focuses on a decidedly more honey blonde bright and lively, also underlining his bubbly personality with his look. The honey blond, which at times almost appears yellowmerges with cooler shades with a truly captivating and modern effect. The play of light starts from the hairline, making this solution ideal for short cuts (like the one sported by the actress, by the way).

Honey blonde balayage like Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts highlights her rosy complexion with a honey-blonde balayage on dark base. The nuances are mixed to perfection, creating a regrown color effect that is trendy today. The lightening on fringe it frames her face nicely.

Honey blonde balayage, Beyoncé’s idea

honey blonde balayage

Emma McIntyreGetty Images

The inimitable Queen B she knows a lot about hair, and with this honey-blonde balayage she hits the spot again. The basis chosen is very darkalmost natural, while the lightening is only strategically positioned on the front to frame the face and warm up its complexion. The contrast is strong even if the blond is barely noticeable.

Honey blonde balayage like Levante

honey blonde balayage

Mondadori PortfolioGetty Images

From brunette to blonde: Levant she amazes everyone with her honey blonde balayage. Among the most original we have seen, it is based on a icy blond off-white rather than a darker shade. On the lengths and ends, however, honey blonde prevails, with very little margin for nuance. The color here appears full and firm, but well nuanced where the two blondes meet. A decidedly particular and unique idea, from which to take inspiration for a color that knows how to amaze.

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