how are they a year after the trial

exactly one year It was June 1, 2022 when the US court delivered its verdict – “not guilty” – on Hollywood’s most talked-about case ever: Amber Heard Vs Johnny Depp, As you remember, that’s what happened in that trial: It started out as a defamation case (Depp was taken to court after his ex-wife talked about domestic violence. Washington Post) Ex-spouses reproach each other for anything, including beatings, cutting fingers, feces on the bed, throwing vodka bottles. In short, a babble: media, personal and legal.

Johnny Depp Ember hears defamation lawsuit continues

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Every time he opened his mouth, his statements were so surreal that they made the rounds of social media, which in turn equally divided. #teamAmber and #teamDepp, It is no coincidence that an instant film was released immediately (whereas a document, registered by channel 4, In the end, however, amid scandals and accusations of poisoning, justice did its job: it expressed its opinion, did justice, sparing sensitivities. innocent depp, “He gave me my life back,” commented the actor at the time, who was excluded from film and TV projects during the investigation. Due to unsustainable financial costs at the time Amber had threatened to appeal, she opted for a plea deal in December.

and now? One year later, how is life for Johnny Depp and Amber Heard?

let’s start with Johnny Depp Who, in fact, was reborn. The actor is already back in the saddle with a new film, and the title opens up to none other than the last Cannes Film Festival, it’s a french feature film jean du barry which sees him in the role of His Majesty King Louis XV. Depp commented at the film’s Cannes press conference, “When they ask you to leave the movie that you’re a bunch of vowels and consonants floating in the air, you’re making… well, yes, You feel excluded.” “But it’s different now. I don’t feel ostracized by Hollywood because I don’t think about Hollywood anymore: I don’t need it anymore”.

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In fact, Depp’s appearance at Cannes was not appreciated by all: there was no shortage of protests and many feminists renamed the French event “Rape Fest”. It is alleged that the director thierry fremaux He returned to sender: “If you really thought Cannes was a festival for rapists, you wouldn’t be here listening to me, nor would you be complaining that you couldn’t get tickets to a screening.” He then added: “I’m the last person I can talk about. If there’s anyone in the world who found that test completely uninteresting, it was me. I don’t know anything, I’m only interested in Johnny Depp.” I am an actor.” This time jean du barry This is the only official film but, last November, The Sun magazine spoke of a new chapter in the film. Pirates of the Caribbean,

Waiting to return to the set as an actor, Depp has resumed his work as a director: after 25 years he is behind the camera to shoot a biopic Ways, In the center, the figure of Modigliani (1884–1920), played by ricardo scamarciowhile art collectors would be gangly Robert De Niro, The first take is scheduled for this autumn.

Finally, there is the music chapter. Depp has been touring with his band for months Hollywood Vampires, His concerts were recently suspended because of a minor accident: Depp may have broken his ankle.

And Amber Heard?

The National Police visited Amber Heard's home in Madrid

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quite a different situation Amber Heard, The moment she lost her case, she was ostracized from Hollywood. Although in December we will see him in the new sequel aquaman (But only because the filming took place before the verdict on the trial), there is currently no other work for her. Among other things, the actress left America. Now he lives in Spain, more precisely madrid, And from here he is trying to rebuild himself: “I love living here”, as reported, the actress would have assured. People, In a video shared on TikTok, Amber also announced that there would be unspecified “films” on the horizon, assuring that “I’m moving on, it’s my life”.

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