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The new Respiratory Diseases and COVID-19 Rehabilitation Clinic located in the office of Mayor Venustiano Carranza provides daily services to residents of the capital suffering from respiratory diseases.

Fifteen days after its opening, the specialist clinic has treated more than 25 patients with respiratory diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and chronic bronchitis, as well as patients with COVID-19 sequelae and asthma problems.

Enrique Alfredo Gómez Vidal, 60, was the first COPD patient to be treated at the Rehabilitation Clinic for Respiratory Diseases.

“Three months ago I had bronchial complications and they detected pneumonia and I went to my health center and they referred me to this new clinic,” he said.

Mr. Enrique goes three times a week and receives treatment through respiratory physiotherapy exercises, inhalation therapy and special medications that help improve his breathing.

“I started to become irritable, have breathing complications and restrict myself from normal activities, but that’s the result of being a long-term smoker,” he said.

“This pulmonary rehabilitation clinic aims to reduce the problem of shortness of breath in people with lung diseases. The aim is to improve dyspnea through inhalation exercises and treatments, thereby improving quality of life and promoting better development.” explains Dr. Pedro Eduardo Gálvez Corchado road.

He emphasized that they care for chronically ill patients with breathing difficulties or comorbid problems, as was the case with Mr. Enrique.

“It varies, from shortness of breath to post-COVID injuries with bronchitis or some other condition,” emphasized Galvez, the clinic’s nursing area coordinator.

He emphasized that the patients receiving the most treatment are the elderly, as chronic bronchitis issues and aging lungs further exacerbate the problem of breathing difficulties.

He said the goal is to replicate the clinic in health centers in Mexico City so that people with these problems can more easily access them.

According to experts, this is the first clinic in the country and Latin America dedicated to the treatment of respiratory diseases, with areas of care for diagnostic patients and advanced equipment for inhalation therapy, such as spirometry, electrocardiography, dynometry, oxygen therapy and micronebulization .

“Patients who need oxygenation, have an asthma attack or have an emergency bronchospasm usually come here; here we can control secretions with inhaled medications, oxygen therapy or saline solutions,” explains respiratory therapist Andre Martinez road.

He highlighted spirometry services, a test used to determine how well a patient is doing and measure treatment progress and progress.

“We are paying more attention to chronic problems that are irreversible, such as post-COVID consequences, asthma and COPD, and we are looking to help improve their quality of life,” he stressed.

To access services, patients simply visit the clinic to receive a diagnosis to determine if they are eligible for treatment.

The clinic is open from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Treatment and medications are free for patients.

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