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Being a “son” has always been considered a rather shameful fate. All children born to celebrities spend their lives searching for themselves, escaping the paparazzi and avoiding drug traps. But perhaps no one has a heavier shadow on their shoulders than the one weighing down Lourdes Maria Leon Ciccone, Madonna’s biological daughter. Her appearance at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show projected her onto the pages of magazines across the planet, and it is said that she inherited from her mother not only a love of provocation, but also talent. However, this remains to be fully proven

HOURcaptivated and attracted the attention of the world’s media by appearing almost naked in stiletto heels at one of the most important glamor events in the world, “Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show”and has been defined as “an icon with a statuesque body, adored by stylists around the world.” But I’m not talking about Emily Ratajkowskibut rather Lourdes Maria Leon Ciccone, better known as “Madonna’s biological daughter.” In total, Madonna had six children. But who is Lourdes? Besides bearing the burden of being the daughter of a woman who truly marked time and fashion, what do you dedicate yourself to and what is your story? The 26-year-old girl, who attended Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School in New York, had a relationship with Timothee Chalamet for a certain period (I would say a happy one) and inherited her mother’s love of provocation, as well as her talent. I add “apparently” because it actually seems that besides showing up at social events with armpit hair or looks that seem to come from a video clip of his mother, and being noticed for (light) marijuana use, add nothing else.

questionsomeone can for object: “Well, at 26 years old she will be a youth idol, an Instagram valkyrie, a TikTok star, right?” In fact, he has just under half a million followers on Instagram, and that number this doesn’t scream miracles considering who her mother is, the biggest pop star of the last 40 years. Moreover, the content is quite boring: very rich fashion photos, without the ability to comment on anything and an average of 20 thousand likes per post. If not for the big name, this account would have gone unnoticed. However, TikTok doesn’t seem to have one. official profile. You’ll find dozens of pages devoted to the mother, a few brothers (like Rocco, the second born), and nothing else. As for yours music careerhe started singing more or less in 2022, but so far he has not achieved any success, and what can be found on the Internet is not particularly striking: “Lock and key” – a single that is destined to enter your ears and never come out again. On her Wikipedia page we find: model. And in fact, she has posed for such big names in fashion as Marc Jacobs but at the moment there is nothing more in the biography of this girl, whose name recalls the sounds of the French city that her mother loved so much.

TO to be honest, it first work experience dates back to when he was seven years old: he helped his mother write a children’s book. In 2021, she was on the cover of “American Vogue“for his contribution to change Fashion world. I admit, I didn’t quite understand how, perhaps trying to offer new aesthetic standards compared to traditional ones. Yes, of course, the girl could be called something like that activisteven if this word is unfortunately loses its meaning. It is true that the messenger of a message should not be judged by his track record, but if the ambassador is limited to this due to lack of content, then the reason loses value. However, we can’t ignore how difficult it is for Lourdes to be the daughter of the biggest pop star of the last 50 years. Life under this huge halo of fame and success can be charming, but at the same time depressinghe knows something about it Chaz Bonotransgender son Cher. But Lourdes seems to be finding her way among this imposing shadow, which makes me estimate at least a little: she could have wisely chosen a career as a garden designer, but the girl chose to choose the same glorious area as her mother. So personally, I’ll be actively supporting her by saving her single on Spotify, following her on Instagram (but silencing her profile until she decides to post something noteworthy), and praying for a miracle. As the name suggests, delivery will not take long.

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