Jimmy Fallon was accused by his employees: “He has a toxic environment, it gives rise to suicidal thoughts.” He apologizes on TV: “I feel very bad”

NY – Another TV star in the storm: this Jimmy Fallon48 years old, brilliant New York presenter Today’s show, one of America’s most popular late-night shows. Sixteen, including employees and former employees, they accused him of creating a “toxic environment” over the years to the point that in some cases he gave rise to suicidal ideation.. This story was told by a magazine rolling stone.

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The accusers, who include crew members and employees, they identified Fallon as “volatile,” “irritable,” and “rushy” in his relationships with employees., in psychological reprisals against staff, in putting pressure on them. They said locker rooms became “crying rooms” where employees took refuge to vent their frustrations. The whole picture is in stark contrast to the image of the playful and affable host of one of NBC’s cult programs.. Things took such a turn that one of the traditional guests of the program, an actor Jerry Seinfeld, managed to convince Fallon to apologize to the crew member. Which is what he did. When the journalists after the sensation rolling stone, they asked the host to explain what happened to his staff, his agent forbade him to talk. But the story became public and went viral on social media, so Fallon decided to take a step forward: He called a team meeting on Zoom and called all the employees. “Sorry,” he stated, “for putting you, your families and your friends in a difficult position.” I feel so bad that I can’t describe

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The presenter explained that he did not intend to “create such an atmosphere.” The presenter’s apology may have been recorded by someone present and ended up online.to become a legal issue in potential compensation cases, which is a very widespread practice in the United States at all levels. The program has not been broadcast in recent weeks due to the writers’ strike that began in May, otherwise the matter would likely have taken a wider stage: Fallon will receive a formal apology at the start of the show.. It’s a bit like what happened to another American TV star in trouble, Ellen DeGeneres, who was accused of creating a “toxic” environment filled with retaliation, humiliation and discrimination..

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“I am the person you see in front of the screen,” he sheepishly explained at the start of the September 2020 episode, “but I am also many other things: I’m a person who gets nervous, worries, gets upset.” In Fallon’s case, the strike itself may have softened the impact of the allegations: When the riots are over and the show returns to air, few people may remember the incident. The TV channel has not officially come out in defense of its star presenter. “We are proud,” an NBC spokesman said, “of the fact that Today’s show consider providing a respectful work environment a priority. We have launched all investigations into reported incidents and encourage employees who believe they have experienced behavior that is inconsistent with our policies to report their concerns.”

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