How to Hire Three Ogres to Help You Fight

In addition to the standard companions you can recruit Baldur’s Gate 3with lots of characters in one way or another they can work with you About your adventures around the world.In this sense, in the first act of the game three stout ogres Many players may miss, but it’s possible hire Follow some fairly simple steps.

if you want to know where to find these ogres and how to hire them To help you through the toughest battles, please pay attention because let us explain to you in this entry our guide Detailed description.

Where can I find the ogre trio?

A trio of ogres led by the Initiator Lumpy can be found at Dry village area, during the first progression of the first act of the story.You can consult the map below your exact location:

The coordinates of this group of ogres are X: 13 and Y: 367.Finding them is not difficult once you reach the village, as they are in destroyed house what’s left southwest Waypoints from towns.

How to recruit ogres?

In order to hire the ogres of Blight Village and make them valuable allies in your adventures, you must use your social skills make them believe work for you And not for goblins.

First, we recommend that you perform Saved Then approach them and talk to them in case something goes wrong and they become hostile.Additionally, we recommend that you use the The most charismatic character on the team There is a greater chance of success in the conversation.

to hire ogres in these order:

  • First, lie to the ogre pass the cheat test You assure them that you are the chosen disciple of the Absolute.
  • Now keep talking to the ogre until you can choose tell them they should work for you.
  • Done, ogre chief ask you to return for your employment.

It depends on how you want to hire ogres though the best choice In this case, according to our criteria, it is necessary to overcome a persuasion test Because then you won’t have to give them any amount of gold, but you’ll be promising to pay them with the flesh of the fallen (although this roll requires gaining 20, so be careful).

otherwise you can Pay them 500 gold Let them join you.The options for fool them Promising to give them 1000 gold after a kill works (you only need to get 10), but it may cause problems for you to use later.That said, you can still fool them more times with false promises, but in the end if you repeat the method many times they end up getting annoyed They will be hostile to you. Remember this.

How to summon ogre in battle?

After successfully recruiting an ogre, Lumpy the Initiator will give you his Bone Horn: Blocky War Horn.This is a special item, you can add it to the list available objects During a fight with one of your characters, you can summon ogres whenever you want.

  • to Blow the horn You will summon this horde of insane ogres.
  • The ogre trio will come to your location and They will face every living being there are close
  • As long as you make a deal with the ogres, they They are no danger to your team.

After your battle to summon the ogres is over, you can talk to their leader Lumpy again to keep doing business with have to pay them 500 It is possible to call them in the future, or trick them by promising to pay them after the next fight, but remember this won’t last forever Eventually they realize your manipulation and attack you.

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