How to Invest in Gold, Sneakers, Books, Watches…

Of course, your house (especially your parents’ house) is full of items that you consider worthless. Well, do a good job of checking your stuff, because any item can be a source of profit these days. You never know what trends will be popular.Toys, Watches, Old Comic Books…and lots more An element that has added value over the years. More and more special or limited edition pieces seem to be attracting the attention of collectors and investors every day. But not only that.If the stock market, investment funds, and other types of more traditional investing aren’t for you, you can start Find performance in objects you never imagined.

Have you always wanted a Dior bag? Do you know wine and want to use your knowledge?is the same time Dust off your savings and buy a unique piece that will likely be worth more in a few years. Here are some ideas for joining the trend.

invest in gold

If ever there was one preeminent precious metal, it’s gold. This asset is considered a refuge in times of trouble, which means its value increases exponentially in times of crisis or instability, as we have experienced over the past three years.exactly Gold tends to be more stable than other assets, As such, it is considered a safe value in a world where volatility is the norm.

That has soared 24% since before the pandemic.Similar things happen in Silver, now nearly 30% more expensive than it used to be Announced “covid-19”. In both cases, you have multiple avenues to invest.You can get physical gold and silver (of course you have some family jewelry or your own…) or choose Invest in the platform by purchasing ETFs. You can also choose funds that invest in gold. The good thing is that it is a very liquid asset, which means you can sell it at any time without any issues. The bad news is that, like everything, Investments are never 100% safe: Its value will always go down. Gold is closely related to fluctuations in the U.S. dollar.

Invest in luxury handbags

an investment almost must be cChoose luxury handbags Examples include “2.55” from Chanel, “Birkin” from Hermès, “Lady Dior” or “Baguette” from Fendi. They are timeless styles that will always be the object of desire. And investing, because according to the Wealth Report by consultancy Knight Frank, Such accessories have increased in value by 17% in 2021 and by no less than 108% over the past ten years! Just to think about it. According to the study, the “Hermès Himalaya Himalaya Niloticus Crocodile Retourné Kelly 25” model broke the record for the most valuable bag when it sold at auction for $3.4 million (approximately €3.1 million). Are you starting to believe they’re a good investment?

Dior ladies bag

‘Lady Dior’ bag from Dior.


The value of luxury handbags has increased by 108% in the past decade

invest in toys

If you have an unquenchable passion for Lego or Funko, don’t hide it, because it can be very positive. Even without realizing it, you’re spending money on a product that will pay off in the future. Not surprisingly, according to a study by the Moscow Higher School of Economics (HSE), Buying a LEGO set and selling it can earn 11% back.

Indeed, they’re one of the best toy investments you’ll find, but you might as well give the Funko Pop a try.The most special is limited edition They are highly sought after by collectors. Some of these dolls have sold for more than 10,000 euros over the years. One of the most sought after is the Alex Delarge (A Clockwork Orange star) replica of Glow in the Dark, of which only 12 were released.

Invest in sneakers

The rise of the sneaker led to Many models are considered authentic treasures. The other thing about this accessory is that we’ve grown accustomed to pairing it with any “look” for comfort and style. Some styles will always be successful, like Adidas’ “Superstar” or the fabulous “Converse Chuck 70” (here are 10 ideas for wearing Converse, according to Instagram), but collectors have their favourites.

How would you stay if we told you Michael Jordan’s ‘Nike Air’ sells for $560,000 at auction (522,000 euros)? No, we didn’t add any zeros. Prices for these new shoes are usually less than 200 euros, but some very special second-hand shoes can reach this price. If you can’t find them on the company’s own website, there are some sites where you can buy exclusive fashion shoes.

nike air jordan shoes

“Michael Jordan’s Nike Air” auctioned off for $560,000.


Invest in Books and Comics

You have dozens of all-time best-selling books and comics at home, but you haven’t reviewed them in years.Maybe you will be surprised because Over the years, some versions have grown considerably in value. While not all books are created equal, manuscripts, first editions, and the fanciest books can be good investments. This is no joke: Amazon paid £1.95m (€2.26m) for the manuscript of JK Rowling’s The Tales of Peter the Bard, Creator of Harry Potter.

Something similar happens in the comics.For the first time in history he appeared superman, It sold for more than $2 million (€1.8 million) from the 1930s. According to statistics from the Milanuncios platform, the demand for second-hand comics increased by 110% last year. Time to start flipping through your old comics…

Invest in fine wine

Our strategy is to buy great, affordable wines and store them until they age and appreciate. We don’t just talk for the sake of talking: Luxury wines will appreciate 13% in 2021 and 127% in the past ten years, According to the Knight Frank report.If you’re not an oenology expert, don’t worry, there are platforms that allow you to invest in good wine without having to pile up bottles at home, such as Venovist.

According to the same study, “luxury” wines have managed to retain their value despite the pandemic. “Unlike the situation after the global financial crisis, the wine trade remained firm, shops did not lower prices and the market was stable,” they noted in it.Of course, its authors warn that Climate change is a factor to consider for its future. “Global warming is affecting classic wine regions, especially Burgundy, because Pinot Noir is very sensitive to heat. Maybe it’s time to buy the more affordable 2014 and 2016 classics, as we will rarely see in the future Arrived,” they recommend.

wine glass

Klaus Wadefelt//Getty Images

investment watch

many rLuxury watches have become a veritable holy grail Treasure hunters, in fact, represent a relatively low-risk investment since they are immune to fads.

If you can’t control the topic, just make yourself easy: Some brands, such as Rolex, are a safe bet. If you want to move away from the classics, there are styles like the “MoonSwatch,” the creation of Omega and Swatch (people will even line up to buy one). We’re not just talking about watches. A few years ago, a model Patek Philippe desk sold for a whopping CHF 9.5 million (EUR 9.8 million).The truth is, in 2021 Its value increased by 5%, And over the past decade, their value has increased by 89%.

Invest in precious metals

Platinum, rhodium, palladium… Do these words sound strange? Well, get acquainted with them, because they’re another original investment option if you don’t want to go the classic route.Appeal The peculiarity of these precious metals is that they are very scarce They win in uncertain times. Platinum has appreciated 20% since pre-pandemic and trades at around $1,000 (€930). However, rhodium and palladium have since declined in value.There are various ways to invest without accumulating gemstones at home: through companies dedicated to mining (such as Rio Tinto or Anglo American Platinum) or via ETFs or CFDs, You can access two types of financial products on the investment platform.

gold model

Getty Images

investment currency

It might be one of the more traditional investments on this list. The bad news is that you have to know a lot about the world to know which currencies can really appreciate, and the profitability of each varies widely. certainly, The currency of the country with the strongest economy is always the most valuable, But some old stuff from other countries is still worth admiring. There are even Spanish coins, such as the 1 peseta coin issued in 1975 featuring the face of the recently appointed King Juan Carlos I, which sold for 4,500 euros.

investment skills

It’s very tempting to collect desired items and sell them for a higher price, but you have to do it with your head. Follow these three tips and you can’t go wrong.

  • Invest in what you know. Researching the market before launching is very important to get it right and make money. Even more, when you buy art, you don’t know if they’re going to be revalued.
  • Don’t just focus on one thing. A basic adage when investing is not to put all your eggs in one basket. In summary: diversify your spending so you don’t lose money.
  • Never run out of anything. Another important lesson is to only allocate money that you are not afraid of losing. Don’t risk all your savings without knowing if you need them.

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