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Also this time I will tell you about a movie, a series that I have watched or follow, and conventions that will take place in the next few days.

“Not so close” this is not quite a literal translation of the original movie title “A Man Called Otto”available on First TVwith the main character Tom Hanks. The American actor, who is also the film’s producer, plays the role of a grumpy, antisocial, irritable widower who uncompromisingly imposes his rules on the entire neighborhood. His life will turn upside down with the arrival in the residential complex, where he lives with a family with whom he will have to make friends, which will change his character and approach to life.

Based on the bestseller and released in theaters this year, this is a remake of the 2015 Swedish film. “Mr. Ove”which was a good success with audiences and critics.

It is a comedy, but also with dramatic aspects, since Otto’s current life and the events of his past run in parallel, which explains the reasons for his isolation. Those who have seen the 2015 film will be forced to make natural comparisons, and the film Tom Hanks it gets punished by some characters that I think are overly caricatured, but it’s still a movie that you can enjoy for two hours.

But let’s get back to the series and I have a lot of advice that I can give you.

Let’s start with “Chemistry of Death”, a British crime series that tells the story of a young forensic pathologist who, due to personal events, quits his job and takes refuge in a small town as a doctor. Obviously, he will be involved in a series of murders that rocked the area, and is forced to return to his old job. Great series, good main characters, first season, everything is available on Paramount+ full of unexpected twists even during the credits of the last series, in the tradition of Marvel films.

Always on Paramount+ There is the first season of another series that I recommend: “Special Operation: Lioness”. An excellent spy thriller with three very good actresses in the cast. Nicole Kidman AND Zoe Saldana and revelation Leysla De Oliveira which tells, inspired by a real US military program, about a department of the CIA that employs young women (actually Lionesses) who, subjected to heavy training, have the task of approaching the families of certain terrorists in order to be able to track them down and remove them.

One of the series that hooked me the most over the last period is “Defender, Lincoln’s Advocate”. The first two seasons have already been available for a while. Netflix but, as is often the case, I always preferred to start others.

The protagonist is a lawyer who has been on the sidelines for some time for personal reasons, having inherited the firm and businesses, some of them very important, from a murdered colleague who, unbeknownst to him, instructed him to succeed before his death. him in the management of the firm. Haller’s lawyer was excellent Manuel Garcia Rulfo he takes on all the cases, and given the circumstances, some of them are almost imperceptible, studying them, traveling in one of his cars, actually a Lincoln, and solving them with the help of ingenious intuition and decisions. The rest of the cast is also great: the two ex-wives, the driver and his investigator, characters that make the series really interesting and worth watching.

To the delight of Fans from August 23, they are available on Disney+ first episodes “Ashoka” fifth series of the saga star Wars and a spin-off of one of the most successful and fan-favorite “The Mandalorian”. A new threat looms across the galaxy, affecting what’s left of the galactic empire and the new Republic, and this scenario recounts the deeds of a former Jedi Knight. Ashok Tano.

Also of note is the arrival on August 24 at Netflix the third season of the series Ragnarok. The battle of the gods and giants continues, in which many residents of the Norwegian town of Edda will participate. You will be able to see Thor and Loki at work in a very different context than what we are used to thanks to Marvel.

I am glad to inform you that simultaneously with the release of the new film Christopher Nolan “Oppenheimer” Sky dedicated a channel to this outstanding director, streaming all of his films for a limited period of time.

Souvenir, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, Insomnia, Beginning, Interstellar (one of the best sci-fi films of recent years) – films that can now be found in the sky on demand.

Finally, during this period, numerous conventions were announced in various places.

Palermo Comic Congress it will take place at the cultural venues of Zisa from 14 to 17 September and will feature illustrators, actors, cosplayers, voice actors, numerous themed areas and dozens of exhibitors.

From September 9 to 10, in the magnificent location of the Sciacca Carnival Museum, Shakka Comics 2023. This young event, now in its fourth year, has the ambition to grow year after year and I am confident that it will live up to the expectations of enthusiasts.

Obviously, it differs in size and tradition. Romix 2023 The XXXI edition of which will take place in Rome from 5 to 8 October at the Fiera di Roma in Via Portuense. This is an international festival dedicated to comics, animation, cinema and games, with the participation of great national and foreign guests. All information is available on the website.
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