How to make hair grow 10cm a week?

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Hair is one of the subjects of beauty tips and people usually seek to have long, lustrous, voluminous hair to accentuate it.If you decide to cut it, implement to grow of 10 cm Possibly in a week.

There are many reasons for its growth hair It has a slow process, possibly because of our high-fat diet, or the temperature in the shower is too cold to stimulate the follicles and allow our hair to continue on its normal strengthening rhythm.

If you’ve tried all kinds of chemistry and nothing’s working for you, be sure to check out our tips to grow Fast for a week so you can stop expensive treatments that only damage your body hair.

How to make hair grow faster in a week?

To pull off this feat, after a bad barber visit, you have to take into account hair A healthy grows approximately 0.4 mm per day and only 14.6 cm per year, always opt for lukewarm water if you have a healthy diet, good care habits and avoid washing at high temperatures.

first step as a stimulus to grow You have to cut the ends, and damaged hair grows more slowly, so we recommend going to the beauty salon every three months. To stay hydrated and stimulate hair follicles with olive or coconut oil, simply mix 2 egg yolks with 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a glass of water.

Finally, the products you use as conditioners and shampoos must contain the following ingredients on the label: arginine, marine glycogen, B vitamins, zinc, and red onion, and don’t forget to avoid product residue that can hinder your oxidation. hair.

How long does it take for hair to grow to 4 fingers?

On average, a hair Healthy, it takes 4 fingers to grow, which is 8 cm long at 6 to 7 months.if you are looking to grow 10 cm If you don’t follow the above recommendations, it usually takes 250 days, and may add more time if you have damaged scalp or ends.

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