How to make your refrigerator colder for the same or less money

Electricity bills have been rising for months because of inflation caused by the war in Ukraine. That’s why people are more focused than ever on saving money on their home energy bills and looking for ways to reduce their end-of-month energy bill by controlling consumption.

One of the most consumed appliances in the home is refrigeratorit is believed to have arisen between 18% and 30% of house electricity consumption. It’s a device that most people use 365 days a year, plus it’s one of the most expensive devices out there. If its performance can be optimized, the savings on your electricity bill will be significant.

There are several techniques you can use to achieve this optimization.must be considered beforeHow old is the refrigerator? If a device is older than 10 years, its performance degrades significantly, requiring more energy to cool the same amount of electricity as before.

A very simple but effective trick, Just try to open the refrigerator as little as possibleHow many times have people opened it and wondered what to cook or eat? Opening it less frequently will prevent cold air from escaping and the refrigerator from returning to temperature.

Recommended refrigerator temperature is between 2 and 3°C, freezer temperature between -15 and -17°C

Adjust thermostat The key is that it is recommended to adjust the refrigerator temperature to two to three degrees and the freezer temperature to between –15 and -17°C.

Curiously, a A fully loaded refrigerator consumes less energy than an empty refrigerator Because the air is less cold, more cooling is lost when the air is empty than when it is occupied.

Another tip is Defrost items in the refrigerator rather than outside. Frozen foods are a source of cold. Although it must be taken into account that thawing takes longer than at room temperature.

It’s best when you want to put cooked or high-temperature food in the refrigeratorLet cool to room temperature. Otherwise, the device will have to work harder to cool.

That him The refrigerator is very clean This is key as this prevents the formation of frost and ice, which act as insulators against the cold.

Finally, make sure Door seal clean And the refrigerator is completely closed. You must clean the connector with water.

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