How to use Google Maps on your Xiaomi phone to visit the streets of your past and see how it has evolved

You have been watching your street for years. Or you’ve spent years watching it. And others from your city. You know what your neighborhood is like, but do you remember what it was like 15 years ago? And did 10? If you want to take a trip back in timeand see how Google Maps can get you there without leaving your home.

since posting Street View on Google Maps It takes us step-by-step through streets, cities, towns, and even more wilderness, experiencing it for ourselves, with one click, like a walk. If Street View is anything to go by, it’s also a veritable visual time capsule of the past fifteen years.

See your street 15 years ago with Google Maps Street View

If you’ve ever dreamed of being a time traveler like Dr. Brown but didn’t own a “custom” DeLorean, here’s your chance. For nearly a decade, you can go back in time and see how a place has changed over the years by browsing Street View imagery on Google Maps for desktop.

First introduced in Google Maps in 2014, the feature uses historical imagery from its Street View collection since 2007 to create a digital time capsule of the world.

How to Explore Streets by Year with Street View on Your Phone

  1. open the application Google Maps on MIUI
  2. find a place in the world For example, if you want to see how your street has changed, we’ve tried the San Ildefonso Market on Santa Barbara Street in Madrid.
  3. send to Thumbnails of photos in the map interface Open Street View. A street-level view will appear, taking up 80% of the screen.
  4. See where the street name is written underneath? It tells you what the weather looks like in the photo—”A year ago, seven months ago. “ Click where it says “See more dates.”
  5. will open a carousel of images going back in time Most until 2008-2007. Click on the year you want to see the evolution of the field.

If you’re using a computer with Google Maps open, If you see a clock icon in the upper left corner of the Street View imagery, You can click on it and move the slider over time, then select a thumbnail to see the same spot from previous years or seasons.

This hidden Street View feature lets you see monuments grow from their foundations, such as the Freedom Tower in New York or the 2014 World Cup stadium in Fortaleza, Brazil. This new feature also serves as a digital timeline of recent history, such as reconstruction efforts following the devastating 2011 Onagawa earthquake and tsunami in Japan. You can even experience different seasons See what it’s like to drive on Italian roads in summer and winter.

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