How to wear a bob with a fringe: lessons from celebrities

The carrè, also known as a bob or, called in English, bob cut, is the medium cut that has returned to dominate the hair trends of this 2023. Chosen first by Zendaya, then by Hailey Bieber and Chiara Ferragni, this haircut has the gift of be so modular in length and geometry that it fits any face, exactly like the fringe, whose variations are so many that it can satisfy every need. When these two evergreens are combined, the result can only be an almost sartorial work, with tailor-made hems and embroideries specifically to frame the features and enhance every detail, thus adding that touch couture to the jaunty and fresh soul that traces the identikit.

From extra short versions to those longuette, from equal cuts to bare cuts, from thick and voluminous fringes to minimal and sideways ones, there are many possible combinations, just as Italian and overseas celebrities never fail to demonstrate. Among these, there are those who have only recently decided to join the bob trend, rediscovering themselves in new guises, those who enjoy experimenting with wigs and trompe l’oeilbut also those who are faithful ambassadors, confirming themselves on the international scene as an institution and point of reference to look to for cutting midi most loved ever.

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The short and wavy yoke with fringe by Emily Ratajkowski

In the list of the most popular fringed yokes of this 2023, there is undoubtedly the one sported by Emily Ratajkowski on the occasion of the Marc Jacobs Fashion Show in New York. Wavy along the lengths and with a thick and wispy fringe, the texturized French bob chosen by the model is the contemporary version of the 20s cuts made iconic by the Flapper girls.


The wavy yoke with tufted fringe by Simona Tabasco

Brought to the fore from the second season of The White Lotus, Simona Tabasco’s fluffy bob is jaunty and versatile, perfect to be worn smooth and wispy, or in wide waves around the face. The fringe, scaled to one side, softens the bob even more, adding a pinch of movement.


Emma Chamberlain’s layered bob with disheveled fringe

With an ever-evolving change of look, Emma Chamberlain said goodbye to her long caramel-colored hair to shorten it more and more, going through various degrees of blonde and brunette, and bringing it now in a bob with fringed and slightly layered bangs on the sides of a intense and bright chestnut.


The bob cut with curtain fringe by Daisy Edgar Jones

Shaded in a soft degradé and full of dimension, Daisy Edgar Jones’s bob with curtain bangs is the inspiration to look to for a low maintenance cut. The stripped lengths and the long curtain fringe worn to frame her face translate into an easy-to-manage yoke, perfect for natural drying.


Irina Shayk’s bob with thick bangs

A bob punctuated by sinuous curves around the face, in which the front locks and the fringe are modeled forming a sort of “C”, then interrupted by the hardness of the even cut that defines the lengths, all completed by an enviable body and dimension .


Jenna Ortega’s scaled bob with fringe

Halfway between a Wolf Cut and a yoke, Jenna Ortega’s multilayered and streamlined cut is the jaunty share to focus on in 2023. The rule for recreating the look is to create volume and movement through careful layering, which culminates in a fringe disheveled and structured on different lengths.


Bella Hadid’s short bob with messy bangs

Very short, asymmetrical and with an equally micro fringe, the bob-wig worn by Bella Hadid is a more XS version of the classic French cut, worn a little more disheveled and wild than Audrey Tautou ne The Fabulous World of Amélie.

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