How to write Dolce & Gabbana? Here are the most distorted brands

Before the white stripe GoogleAt least once, before starting the search, each of us – let’s be honest – wondered how to write this or that word. The same thing happens when we want to find the name of a fashion brand: perhaps we need double consonants? Probably no? Maybe there is a place? Or should the “h” be placed there or at the end?

This is one of those situations that he can remember Ann Hataway when in the movie The Devil Wears Prada asks if Gabbana is written with two fours, but that actually happens more often than you think.

In the study, Joorweb platform that connects brands and retailers using an analysis tool Arefit was dripping rating of fashion names that are most often mistaken when searching. The result: a series of incorrect pronunciations that can make you smile (even bitterly).

However, against all odds, the brand, which was misspelled several times, adidas. In fact, the German sportswear giant makes an average of 556,000 spelling errors every month. Not only do many write two d’s when creating addidasbut others eliminate the latter, always doubling the former, creating the final result. Goodbye.


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Not so far, in second place Chanel with 408700 gross errors. Once again we get confused by inserting an unnecessary extra consonant and writing Channel or Chanel. Coming in third place (with a total of 85,300 spelling errors) Swarovskireported as Swaroskior Svarvoski.


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