They targeted two brothers in Cali; their father inherited a feared criminal gang from them.

Authorities confirmed the dismantling of “Los Parabólicos”, a criminal gang dedicated to local drug trafficking in eastern Cali. According to police, two young men inherited the building from their father.

According to the investigation, the man known in criminal circles as “Jey” is the leader of “Los Parabólicos” In 2022, he was caught transporting weapons and drugs, then dragged his 14- and 18-year-old children into this dangerous world.

The criminal legacy of “Los Parabólicos” disappeared.

The criminal legacy of “Los Parabólicos” disappeared. | Photos: Provided by National Police

On the other hand, six men were arrested on the spot. Apparently they were part of a sales-line criminal scaffolding disrupting the Sucre community, responsible for distributing exotic marijuana and heroin from homes.

“They were members of the ‘Los Calvos’ gang from whom they obtained 4,000 grams of cannabis, 1,180 doses of heroin, “A pistol-style firearm and its respective suppliers, 11 rounds of ammunition, a trauma weapon and components for drug delivery.”

Those involved will be referred to the Attorney General’s Office. In-school security measures are in place for all and, for adolescents, preventive confinement in specialized centers.

From the “La 52” criminal gang dedicated to killing people and selling drugs in Cali

Authorities have captured the criminal gang “Los Menores,” or “La 52,” dedicated to murder, theft and drug trafficking in Cali.

The criminal legacy of “Los Parabólicos” disappeared.

Detainees were sent to prison. | Photos: Provided by National Police

He was a specialized prosecutor in the department, according to authorities Cali successfully prosecuted 13 members of the “La 52” gang, including a minor.

According to the procedure, Los Minor or La 52 structures are located in the neighborhoods of El Vallado and El Retiro, Comuna 15, Committed to the distribution of cannabis and bazuco in a retail model on public roads, school environments and recreational parks.

“The results of the investigation allowed the prosecutor’s office to clarify three homicides that occurred in 2021 and 2023, as well as 11 attempted homicides that occurred this year, allegedly as a result of confrontations between ‘minors.'” The investigative entity stated that the gangs “Los Ocho”, “África” and “Los del Sector del Hueco” are responsible for controlling criminal activity in the area.

It is worth mentioning that these arrests were made possible by the judicial police investigators’ achievements in witness interviews, 52 photographic surveys, 5 judicial inspections, and 12 drug distribution incidents.

“During 13 search and seizure proceedings, agents of the Mekal Police Station Sijín, following a court order, captured 12 suspected members of a criminal structure, one of whom was caught red-handed and a minor was arrested. The authorities revealed that the seizure Two 7.65 and 38 caliber firearms and six 9mm pistol cartridges.

The criminal legacy of “Los Parabólicos” disappeared.

This research relies on technology. | Photos: Provided by National Police

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