Hugo Basilotta posted a video explaining how to take Blue Label correctly

Hugo Basilotta, vice president of Guaymallén alfajores, posted a video on TikTok in which he explains how to drink Blue Label. “Well, this is the famous blue label, “elissir”, as the great Coco Basel calls it.I’ll teach you how to take it“said the businessman.

it’s housed in these little glasses with lids. Do a little meditation. For example, I take it twice a week. Then put the lid on and let it sit for about five minutes. When the time is up, uncover it, kiss it, and then cover it again.” Basilota explained. At the same time, he followed the steps and saw the letter with the blue label.

Finally, Vice President Guaymallén closes the video and says: “This is how you drink blue label. You can drink it in a glass or wherever you want. Now, anyone who gives him water or ice must be sentenced to life in prison.. Goodbye”. However, some in the comments also mocked Basilota.”As a whiskey sommelier he is an excellent Alpha Hall distiller“They write.

What is blue label

Blue Label is one of the Johnnie Walker brand’s most unique blends. However, despite being a fine whiskey, Coco Basile has attracted a lot of attention recently since it became popular for a phrase that classified it as an “elissir”. “Any time blue label. You can take it in the morning and you’ll never get heartburn or gastritis.“, said the former coach of the Argentine national team.

Even on the show where he was one of the guests, Coco Basel He tasted three whiskeys and had to identify which was cheap, which was middling, and which was Scotch. To the surprise of everyone present, he actually guessed which one it was. “This is Beretta“He said just looking and smelling.

“This is the Yankees, not bad. But the other one looks really good. The other one is the Scots,” Coco Barthel said. When they confirmed he’d had the right three whiskeys, the former coach concluded: “I study at Harvard University“.

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