Taylor Swift urged her fans to register to vote

Your place is in the voting booth. This is the message Taylor Swift sent to fans today on National Voter Registration Day. In a message posted to her Instagram Stories, the pop superstar once again encouraged Swifties to register to vote if they haven’t already.

“I’ve been so lucky to see so many of you at my US shows lately,” she said in her post. “I heard you raise your voice and I know how strong it is. Make sure you are ready to use it in our elections this year!”. “Register to vote in under 2 minutes at vote.org,” concluded the post from the latest MTV VMAs overall winner, who has more than 272 million Instagram followers.

This isn’t the first time Taylor Swift has reminded her fans of the importance of fulfilling their civic responsibilities.. He partnered with Vote.org, a nonpartisan, nonprofit voter registration platform, to encourage people to vote.

Taylor Swift recently encouraged Nashville fans to get out to the polls in July, telling her social media followers that she had already voted in the local election and writing on Instagram: “We have the opportunity to choose who will represent us for the next four years.”

In addition to Taylor Swift, Andrea Haley, CEO of Vote.org, also encouraged people to register. “Today, on National Voter Registration Day, it is important that young voters understand that they have the opportunity to shape their future. By Election Day 2024, eight million young people will have a new right to vote. Now is the time to prepare for elections this fall and next year,” he told Billboard.

“Several states will hold elections this November, and several other states will have primaries in early 2024. That’s why this National Voter Registration Day is so important: We are at the start of the next presidential election.”

“On Vote.org, checking to see if you’re registered takes less than 30 seconds. Our country works better when we all show up. Let’s get ready, get organized and register to vote,” he concluded. “Our future begins now.”

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