Hugo presented a capsule collection with Bella Poarch in flannel at LFW in Seine

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Hugo hat to celebrate capsule collection launch with Bella Poarch at London fashion bei Flannels X on Oxford Street. A famous DJ night at the UK multi-brand retailer’s event venue celebrates the excitement of Rahmen passing by, a collection with the “social media princess” at the start. Laut des Labels is the best choice.

The “social media princess” will now serve as the label’s brand ambassador next season. – HUGO

In Statement Styles you are in “Bellas World”. The progressive design combines Hugo’s personality with the grunge glamor of an influencer.

The Kollektion umfasst Denim-Pieces with Schieferfarbener Acid-Waschung, Distressed-Pieces from Jersey, Bella Poarchs Konterfeil und Namen Graphic T-shirts, Shiny Oversized Jacket with Hoodie, Chelsea Boots in Schwarzer Lackoptik mit hohem Absatz und eine asymmetrische Hand Pocket with drapery Kettengliedern.

Bella Poarch is a viral Lipsync video. In Rekordtempo machte sich die Gen-Z-Ikone als Content Creator einen Name und est bereits seit mehreren Saisons Brand Ambassador von Hugo. Also at the giant Show at MFW in September 2022 you will find yourself in .

With his feminine punk image, his grunge pop music and his cool Attitüde passe sie perfect zur Marke, die auf Originalität, Authentizität und Selbstentfaltung set, heißt es seitens der Marke.

Bella Poarch in a variety of looks from the capsule collection. – HUGO

Hugo introduced flannels in “Bellaverse”, among the three central themes of “Bellas Kunst”, “Personlichkeit und Marke Dreht”, combined with “Ruf in der Music-, Social-Media- und Gaming-Welt”.

Interactive scenes interpret three key layers and themes of the Bellaverse – Cyber ​​Punk, Code Red and Intergalactic – with one KI-generated Selfie-Pod and one immersive Sensorik-Raum samt Sternenlicht.

More information about LED screens can be found in Wände des Event-Bereichs im Untergeschoss. Get animated videos and graphics from digital creator Gabriel Massan in one of the “phygital scenes for sensory storytelling.”


Zusätzlich übernahm Hugo 24 Stunden lang die Bildschirme an der Fassade des Flannels-Gebäudes und zeigte dort Visuals und Sneak-Peeks aus der Campagne mit Bella Poarch, die bei einem DJ-Set mit TSHA and their new single.

The limited capsule collection will be available until the second Donnerstag, September 21, exclusively in flannels at the Pop-up Space in London, as well as in stores in Liverpool and Sheffield, as well as online. The global rollout will take place on September 20th, when the range will be available in stores and on

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