Hunger Games’ Sam Claflin Believes Finnick Deserved Another Fate: ‘He Was a Good Boy’

Sam Claflin recalled his experience in the Hunger Games saga explaining what he would change about his interpretation of Finnick, a character he would like another ending for.

Hunger Games, Sam Claflin is convinced that Finnick deserved another fate: "He was a good boy"

Sam Claflin he recalled the experience he had on the set of the films of Hunger Games 10 years after the entry on the screens of Finnick Odair.
The actor starred alongside Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson in the second film of the saga, entitled Catching Fire.

During an interview given to varietySam Claflin emphasized speaking of The Hunger Games: “It feels like it was yesterday… The experience of making that movie was a real dream“.
However, the actor initially faced negative reactions from fans of Suzanne Collins’ novels who did not approve of the choices made by the casting managers, claiming that he was not the right actor for the role. However, Claflin reacted by bringing out his determination to prove them wrong.
Sam succeeded in his intent and underlined: “Thank goodness I wasn’t Katniss Everdeen or Peeta Mellark, or Gale. They were there from the start. I had a secondary role. I had a lot of space, but I didn’t have the same pressure at the time, or everyone watching me“.

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The actor, even after a decade, still hasn’t figured out why fans loved Finnick so much, while appreciating the character, and revealed: “I read the free ones, but I was obsessed with Katniss. Plus Peeta’s journey of being brainwashed and having to go through what happened to him, that was thrilling.“.
If he could go back in time, Claflin stressed that he would change many details of his performance: “I was terrified at the time, it was my first shirtless scene I’ve ever done. Plus I didn’t have anyone to help me find the right accent back in the Hunger Games, and I fucking needed it. I think back and forth and think, ‘Oh my god, this is terrible’“. Subsequent cinematographic experiences helped him to feel more sure of himself, a situation that would have helped him with a particularly charismatic character, whose destiny was not what his interpreter would have wanted: “I think Finnick deserved better. But I think he did the right thing: he’s a good guy who sacrificed himself for the right cause“.

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