Hymn to Body positivity: Lizzo enchants in Milan

LAmerican star Lizzo conquers the Mediolanum Forum with her “Special Tour”: an injection of inclusion and a hymn to Body positivity

A fun and colorful show, but also an injection of positivity and inclusion. The concert of Lizzo literally bewitched the Mediolanum Forum in Milan, packed to capacity for the only Italian date of the Special Tours.

Two hours of concert during which one of the most loved and awarded artists of recent years shared important messages such asself acceptance and body positivity.

Party of inclusion and body positivity

The audience sings and dances even before she takes the stage and when Lizzo arrives, the party breaks loose. “Hey did you miss me?” she asks as she sings the words to “The Sign” as she enters in her nude bodysuit and glittery red sequins. A second and immediately with the recent “2 Be Love (Am I ready)” appear the Big Grrrlhis dancers who he presents with his all-female band and DJ Sophie Eris.

“Merci, thanks Milan. Welcome to Special tours” he says before making a tik tok video with the whole audience. And so on dances, twerks and songs with “Soulmate”, hymn to loving yourself and its body positive philosophy who also translated the Yitty clothing line.

“Every body deserves love”

“Milan, look in the mirror. There are big boys here, there are ravioli, tortellini, carbonara”, he punctuates to the rhythm of rap before “Rumors” (sung in tandem with Cardi B, present on the screen) while the comments of his fans and haters appear on the video. Hip Hop mixes with disco and pop in her songs that exploit her vocal power.

Every body deserves love” is the end of “Scuse Me”. Then Lizzo approaches the audience for “Naked” dressed in lights and little else. It is the beginning of the most intimate part, of the “psychotherapy” that goes on with “Jerone” and “Brake Up Twice” sung lying on a chaise long. The “therapy” continues with the invitation to the public to repeat themselves “I love you, you are beautiful and you can do what you want: you are special“. And immediately comes “Special”, a hit that gives its name to the last year of the singer-songwriter who this year won her second Grammy.

The audience in chorus: “You are beautiful”

Your life is worth it. Your identity matters“, she repeats dressed in the colors of the rainbow flag before singing “Everybody’s Gay”. “Cuz I
Love You” arrives before throwing flowers to the audience who respond by singing in chorus “You are beautiful” by Loredana Bertèa song that Lizzo doesn’t know but gets translated.

Plays recorder on “Coldplay.” Gets everyone dancing to “Truth Hurts” Talks to audiences. He compliments one on his fanny pack, he makes another twerk, he wishes a girl a happy birthday. And he sings up to the encores “Juice” and, with an Italian flag taken from the audience, “About Damn Time”. After 27 songs it’s time to close, even if the audience would never get tired of dancing, singing and clapping.

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