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(mi-lorenteggio.com) Milan, 13 July 2023. Several initiatives have enriched the offer I-Days Milan Coca-Cola And he not only ties the event with a double knot big music but also onArt and al respect for the environment,

commitment to the environment

Low impact on environment and public awareness

I-Days Milan Coca-Cola Committed to providing a live music experience to both artists and fans, with the ultimate goal of protecting the planet by developing a range of initiatives based on common objectives. green nation It aims to reduce the impact of the live event on the environment and raise public awareness on the issue of sustainability.

Ogire: Committing to reclaim plastic and clean up the oceans

along with the event there is ogire Which is committed to cleaning the oceans every day from 2020, thanks to the development of a digital platform that connects anyone who wants to save the ocean with fishermen who are committed to cleaning it daily.

During the seven days of the event, the public can deliver their plastic waste to the Ogyare stand which will serve to collect an equal amount of waste from the ocean.

Everyone who joins the initiative will receive a voucher via e-mail, thanks to which they will later be able to see real and tangible recovery of waste from the oceans on the Ogire platform, thus guaranteeing transparency of the supply chain.

An important activity to raise awareness among the attendees and reclaim the plastic, giving it new life at the end of the event.

environment-friendly technologies

Sustainable reduction in impact on the environment is an essential pillar of I-Days Milano Coca-Cola, The 2022 edition was the testing ground for the use of a new eco-friendly technology GTCA pioneer in sustainable event design and solutions, which has since been adopted by other international festivals.

also in this version I-Days Milano Coca-Cola then keep going Objective Of Compliance with the new legislation (EU Regulation 2016/1628) on the subject of limits on emissions of gaseous pollutants and pollutant particles.

to achieve these goals Among the activities held at the largest venue, the Snée La Moura Racecourse, For example, the use of Stage V generators, rechargeable lithium batteries, photovoltaic panels and hybrid light towers is prominent.

Stage V Type Generator related to the use of solar panels while reducing CO2 emissions and fuel consumption rechargeable lithium batteryThe Hybrid Light Towers and install photovoltaic panels They form a kind of ecosystem that allows the production of green energy equivalent to 75 kWh per hour during the event and in the preparation phases of the same. Thus the amount of green energy produced in 15 days is equivalent to powering 9,000 homes for a whole day.

Thanks to these technologies in this version of I-Days Milano Coca-ColaCompared to previous years, in the 2022 edition Carbon monoxide production is reduced by 30%, 80% hydrocarbons, 92% nitrogen oxides and 97% particulate matter. The use of these technologies has a positive effect not only on emissions but also on consumption, reducing them by 30%.

“I-Days Theme”

I-Days Milano Coca-Cola Green Vinyl Made with Greenil

Well-established conventional production of vinyl produces harmful substances that are released into the air. The main reason for this is the PVC component contained in traditional vinyl records: an average vinyl generates twelve times more toxic emissions than any other physical music medium. Research has shown that the current increased demand for vinyl will further negatively impact the environment.

It was born from research and development applied to the study of materials and production processes greenill, thanks to the collaboration between Rude Records and Terenzi srl, which gave life to the first PVC-free “vinyl”. It is indeed possible to significantly reduce the production footprint on the ecosystem by using a 100% recyclable polymeric compound. This polymer is flexible, lightweight and unlike other types of materials, it can be reused and melted multiple times, allowing for a greener production process I-Days Milano Coca-Cola He decided to hug.

commitment to respect the environment I-Days Milano Coca-Cola In fact, it is also expressed thanks to the creation of a 100% green vinyl in association with Greenil and IED – European Design Institute,

vinyl title “I-Days Theme” contains the theme music of I-Days Milano Coca-ColaCreated exclusively by a team of sound design professors and alumni at IED Milano who worked on developing itfestival identity (open to different styles and attentive to new talent as well as more established artists) and on the same connection with the city of Milan, then these elements were merged into a Wide frame from “Soundtrack”,

also extrapolated from the musical theme sonic logo and other cuts that thus become part of the official audio communication I-Days Milano Coca-Cola,

vinyl prints 500 samples Transparent with design engraved in the material, thank you”etching“For the labels, a technology is also used that replaces classic paper to form a fully recyclable product.

voice recognition of I-Days Milano Coca-ColaIts value and the diversity of the artistic offer continue to impress even beyond the seven days of concerts entirely on eco-friendly material support.

Street art at I-Days Milan Coca Cola

Together “Dr. Avalo” Site-specific functions of Ozmo

I-Days Milano Coca-Cola They go beyond music and open to street art to give life A winning combination of music and visual arts as a gift to the city of Milan: within Snai La Moura Racecourse has taken shape ‘Doctor. avlo’ Permanent site-specific work by internationally renowned Italian artist and pioneer of street art in Italy, Ozmo I-Days Milano Coca-Cola and which was inaugurated on Friday 30 June in conjunction with Travis Scott’s first and only Italian date.

Patu | Art+Ed, a project created for Live Nation with the artistic direction of New frontiers of dialogue between music and art And its A perfect expression of the artist’s vision and sarcastic and ever so simple touch.

Based on a painting by Vittore Carpaccio, the work depicts a man on horseback fighting a dragon, a symbol of courage, resistance and strength. The work can also be read through the interpretive lens of Carl Gustav Jung: the dragon represents the unconscious and the headless figure of the long-haired knight suggests a female subject who seeks to tame it rather than kill it. tries to

Ozmo plays with symbols and meanings, introducing the dragon, a reference to the San Siro in Genoa, to a space that refers to the San Siro in Milan.

Ozmo also quotes, painting with dexterity, an Italian Renaissance masterpiece but then ‘ruins’ it with the fluorescent line of a giant spray can.

Able to mix elements and symbols, this language opens up to various readings and reflections, gives life An intervention that is not just a painting but an open dialogue with the observer, the context and the event that welcomes him.

,Dr. Avalo’ So it is not limited to decorating a place but transforms it, enriches it and makes it unique. turn a wall into a platform For a timeless tale that invites the observer to explore the symbols, seek hidden meanings and ponder their own interpretations, it becomes a mirror that reflects our image, our thoughts, our feelings. .

Cracking Art I-Days Milan meets Coca Cola

Famous colorful animals live at Sneaky La Moura Racecourse

I-Days Milano Coca-Cola They are also the crossroads where music, art and social commitment meet In association with Cracking ArtArtistic movement that began in 1993 with the intention of fundamentally changing the history of art through a strong social and environmental commitment, combined with the revolutionary use of plastic materials – repurposing plastic means making it toxic to the environment and To ward off destructive destruction. New Life – highlights the increasingly close relationship between natural life and artificial reality

on the occasion of I-Days Milano Coca-Cola There are 49 artworks inside the Snai La Moura Racecourse, the famous colorful animals, which encourage audience participation who are invited to interact with the works, touch them, take photographs.

Several studies have shown that some animals can have an emotional response to music similar to that of humans. Birds are known to be sensitive to music and can respond to specific melodies and sounds, and some bird species, such as passerines, are capable of learning and reproducing complex melodies.

Even pets such as dogs and cats can be affected by music: dogs can respond positively to calming music, which can help reduce their stress levels, and cats similarly respond to mellow and relaxing sounds. may be attracted to.

Starting from this principle, Cracking works of art populate the Snai La Moura Racecourse that underline this very interesting engagement that explains how we are at one with the world around us and calls us all to do the same that turn into well-being and positive participation.

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