After showing off her petite silhouettes, hot pants and inflatable dresses, last night Sam Smith took to the “Barbie” pink carpet with another “absurdly” fabulous outfit. It is a set proposed within the new Vetements collection, dedicated to spring-summer 2024, characterized by an exaggerated oversized silhouette that identifies the approach of the entire line. Sam Smith, who scored part of the soundtrack for the live-action film “Barbie,” walked the pink carpet at the premiere wearing a navy blue maxi sweatshirt emblazoned with the words “16XL,” matching the collection’s lookbook Was. A pair of baggy jeans, so baggy and so long that they completely hid her legs.

An unusual look for the red carpet, but not for Sam Smith, who has completely revolutionized her style over the past few years by choosing increasingly eccentric outfits even during her free time. Recently, Vetements – directed by Guram Gvasalia, brother of Demna (Director of Balenciaga) – has started talking again, with exaggerated baggy volumes for its collection, with street proposals that include mermaid dresses, maxi corolla skirts. And the shape is combined with a trench coat. Furthermore, in recent days Guram Gvasalia announced that Vetements would dress Madonna during her postponed tour.

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