“I feel like I can be next”

Gabriela Trench delivering a speech intruder He recounted his feelings following the terrible news of the death of Silvina Luna from health problems caused by Aníbal Lotocki’s medical malpractice.

“What do you do after you lose someone so vital in this trial?” Flo de la V told the model, who connected to the show via video call.

“Yes, the fact is that although Mariano (Caprarola) influenced me and I didn’t have the same affinity as Silvina, her affinity still eluded me. For me, it was like It’s not gone yet. I can’t assimilate it,” says Trenchi.

“On top of that, I’ve been in my health for 20 days, and it’s making everything uneasy about me. The impunity, the pain, because justice isn’t being done. All that pain makes your heart beat,” she said. managed to speak, and then Marcela Tauro interrupted her to ask how she had spent her day as Lotocki’s patient.

Gabriela reported that she is currently on medication and as a result, she has gastritis and gingivitis due to the medication. Likewise, he said he suffers from panic attacks and recently had to spend a full day in an Italian hospital for an enhanced CT scan.

“I feel like I might be next, because they’re falling, and it triggers you to do anything. When you go to the clinic, bacteria can get into your body, and our physical condition, because of this toxin in the body, would leave us vulnerable to any disease. You know you don’t have long to live, but you want to see justice,” Gabriela Trench ended emotionally.

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