‘I really think we should do something about this’: When Zendaya revealed she was afraid of THIS about her co-star Tom Holland

Zendaya, the iconic star of the Marvel blockbuster Spider-Man: No Way Home, once shared some intriguing concerns about her co-star Tom Holland during a guest appearance on The Graham Norton Show. This revelation came as a surprise to many, shedding light on a unique problem facing our beloved Spidey Tom Holland.

Zendaya’s sincere concern for Tom Holland!

During the Graham Norton Show Zendaya expressed sincere concern about Tom Holland potentially experiencing a rather uncomfortable situation while donning the Spider-Man costume. Her concerns centered on the nature of the costume, which is a one-piece ensemble that includes a helmet and several layers underneath.

Zendaya expressed her concerns, saying, “I’ve spoken about this publicly before because I really think we need to do something about this. I really think we should all come together, we need to tell someone.” Her words resonated with the public, who eagerly awaited the revelation of her unique care.

She continued: “Because he likes to, you know, listen, it’s one whole thing, so there’s a helmet and all these things that go underneath it, and I’m always afraid that if he’s working really hard or something What happens is that he, like, vomited…”

Thought about Volume the potential need to vomit while wearing a Spider-Man costume caused Zendaya genuine concern. She expressed concern about the logistics of handling such a situation, asking, “What-how?!” How is he going to get this out? I’m like… I’m a little scared, if you want, I don’t know, I don’t know. It just stresses me out.”

In response to Zendaya’s concerns, Tom Holland added a touch of humor to the conversation. He joked: “First I’ll say, ‘Blue,’ and then, ‘No, help him!’”

The charming chemistry of Tom Holland and Zendaya

According to reports from various sources, Tom Holland and Zendaya have received widespread acclaim for their performances together and their on-screen chemistry is a standout aspect.

Additionally, Zendaya openly praised Tom Holland’s performance as Spider-Man and affectionately called him “her Spider-Man.” Likewise, Tom Holland spoke highly of Zendaya, praising her talents both on and off screen.

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