“I tell her ‘you’re cute’ and sleep with her stuffed animal.”

A Officer audience 40 years It has married A hologram and sleeps with his soft toy. Today he is fighting his own personal battle to defend Fictosexuals, that is, those who have relationships with virtual characters. His fiancee is famous and a star: she opened concerts on Lady Gaga’s tour and boasts merchandise dedicated to her.

Akihiko Kondo lives in Japan, is a government official and is married to Miku Hatsune. The novel saved his life when the 40-year-old became depressed after being bullied at work.

Disappointed in love, a Japanese woman marries a hologram. And at night he sleeps with a stuffed animal

The mayor marries a crocodile: “There is no marriage without love.” An incredible story in Mexico

Purpose of the Association

“We founded the FictoSexual Association to promote understanding of false sexuality, because the society we live in does not know this world well,” Kondo said. The group currently has only four members, but hopes to host the event by the end of 2023.

The couple has been happily married for five years. In an interview with Asahi News, he said, “Every day I tell her things like ‘I’m going to work’ and ‘You’re beautiful.’ I think my priorities changed when I got into video games and anime, putting fictional characters ahead of real people.”

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