Vaccinations against coronavirus and influenza will begin around October 16

Vaccinations against coronavirus and influenza will begin around October 16Cordoba

The Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs of the Government of Andalusia estimates that, Combined influenza and covid-1 vaccination campaign launched9. Around October 16th.

Consultant Catalina García said on Monday in Baeza (Jaén) that no specific date has been set for the start of vaccinations against influenza and covid-19 because We are awaiting the arrival of the coronavirus booster vaccine, The Ministry of Health must send it. Garcia recalled that along with the flu vaccinations, COVID-19 booster doses would also be administered to the elderly and vulnerable, as well as to health professionals. “Older people will get one vaccine, but they won’t get two doses, so we still don’t have a firm date,” he said.

Garcia believes that with two suppliers, “the vaccine will get to us in a smoother way and allow us to produce the combined flu vaccine.” “They are already vaccines adapted to new variants”The adviser commented after remembering that the only supplier of this vaccine is Pfizer, adding that “at European level, Moderna’s vaccine has already been authorized.” “We have already said in advance that Andalusia will not receive it Not a vaccine for the new variants, because it doesn’t make sense. But Europe has indeed made purchases for AXBB, so we currently have only one supplier, and that is Pfizer,” he commented, while adding, “At the European level, the vaccine Already authorized by Moderna” so they believe they will buy another vaccine because “if there are two suppliers they will reach us in a smoother way, which will allow us to produce a combined influenza vaccine”. The Department of Health and Consumer Affairs hopes to receive appropriate confirmation so an exact date can be set this week.

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