“I used fillers and Botox, my facial expressions disappeared”

Ariana Grande he is one of the most beloved pop stars in the world: his songs are listened to by millions every day fan who follow her very passionately also on Instagram. Right inside the platform Socialduring beauty video registered for Fashionthe singer gave himself up to one shocking confession saying that several times in the past she had resorted to using fillers AND botox and that she regrets her choice.

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Ariana Grandevery often, shows his millions followers his beauty routine: likes to keep in touch with me fan who ask her how she always manages to have such beautiful and well-groomed skin. The pop star, during the recording of one of these videos, said that she had undergone treatment. fillers and botox: “At a young age, it’s really hard to know what’s worth listening to and what’s not… I was only 17 when I started tuning, and I didn’t really know what I was doing. Today I don’t like it anymore and the reason I wear makeup is because I want to somehow hide it like it happened in the past. WITH fillers and botox my facial expressions disappeared. Now I see draw up as something that accentuates my features and makes them stand out, emphasizing what is already there. Our relationship with beauty is truly a very personal one. Whatever helps a person feel beautiful, I support it, but I feel that for me resorting to certain tricks has become something wrong. Now I want to see my deserved wrinkles tears and laughter. “I hope the lines in my smile get deeper and deeper, and I think aging can be a really beautiful thing.”

Fan comments

Post-revelation Ariana Grande was very successful at Instagram: within a few hours it collected a lot of likes and comments. Some of it fan he wrote: “To me, you are always beautiful, and it is clear that you have overcome some difficulties that may have upset you before” or “I really admire this girl who has never flaunted all the success that she has had and has.” .

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