UGG and Collina Strada collaborate at New York Fashion Week.

Because the 1970s up to this day, UGG boots The boots, the most talked about fur-lined boots of all time, also hit the runways New York Fashion Weekin collaboration with Hill Road. Let’s delve into the history of this shoe and how it ended up alongside one of the most interesting, controversial and fun brands at New York Fashion Week. And not in the form in which we expected them to appear.

IN 1978young Australian surfer founded the UGG brand in Southern California, bringing a quintessentially Australian product to America. This unique idea led the founder, Brian Smithwant to pass on your roots and your passion for sheepskin boots. This passion is rooted in the typical Australian sheep culture. Thus, growing year after year, UGG has become a symbol of the laid-back atmosphere typical of Southern California surf culture. Before arrival naughty peoplewhen shoes truly became iconic and took the world by storm New York street fashioneven earning a spot in the pages of Vogue.

The etymology of the word “UGG” is unclear, but some believe it could be derived from the word “ugly”. The perfect name for one of the shoes that, along with Crocs, New balanceAnd Birkenstocksdetermined ugly shoe trend. Now, UGG has arrived at New York Fashion Week for a completely unexpected collaboration that celebrates the potential of girl power and unity among women. IN Brooklyn GrangeCollina Strada made a considerable impression, especially when the models, meeting the gaze of the camera, took forced poses and smiled. All this was done to convey the message that despite everything going wrong on our planet, creating fashion is still a lot of fun.

UGG’s collaboration with Collina Strada is a colorful and fun project with an edgy Mary Janes, clogs inspired by animals – a recurring theme in Collin Strahd’s story – and platform sandals bright colors and tulle. Animals depicted in this collection flamingo, dogsAnd monstersall with eccentric And bold performances which in combination with floral inspiration, become abstract. All images are very interesting and perfectly reflect the style of the brand. Of course, this is not the first time UGG has collaborated with fashion brands of this caliber, but the innovation brought by Collina Strada, which also incorporates artificial intelligence into the design, gives the shoe brand’s products color and a distinct character.

@hautelemode Collina Strada touched on two of the most pressing issues of our time in one fashion show: artificial intelligence and climate change! The result is a beautiful combination of texture and fluidity with an eco-punk twist that showcases the weird yet wacky beauty of New York Fashion Week #fashion #nyfw #newyork #nyc #ny #newyorkfashionweek #fashionweek #fashionshow #style #design #designer # fashiondesign #fashiondesigner #collinastrada ♬ I’m suffocating from flowers – Fox Academy

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