‘I went the other way’: Patrick Mahomes’ favorite NBA player growing up was neither LeBron James nor Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan and LeBron James are the biggest inspirations to many athletes and have achieved great fame in various sports. However, that’s not the case for NFL star Patrick Mahomes. While NFL legends like Tom Brady chose to be inspired by Michael Jordan, Patrick Mahomes chose another who never actually won an NBA championship. NBA player. Here are the NBA players Patrick Mahomes respects:

NBA players who inspired Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes revealed his sources of inspiration growing up in early September 2023. While everyone was a fan of LeBron James and Michael Jordan growing up, Patrick Mahomes chose the other side. Although the NFL star player has great respect for both legends, he chose Carmelo Anthony as his inspiration.

According to NFLonNBC, when talking about Carmelo Anthony, Patrick Mahomes said: “I am a Carmelo Anthony fan, but I am the opposite. Everybody is LeBron’s fans, so I love LeBron, but at the same time I want to own that guy.” Carmelo Anthony may not have won any NBA championships, but he has certainly left a legacy for himself through his shooting skills.

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Carmelo Anthony has been selected to the All-Star Game ten times and was selected to the All-NBA Team six times. How could we forget that he was the scoring champion in 2012-13? The NBA star chose to retire in 2023 after a 19-year career in the NBA. But it’s nice to know that Patrick Mahomes followed Anthony and is in a very successful phase of his career.

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