Tips for saving money when subscribing to Netflix, Disney+ or Spotify

October 20, 2023 16:14

Central European Summer Time

Sometimes, subscribers of streaming platforms encounter a very serious problem: we start paying for apps without having certain control over the costs. For example, We subscribe to Netflix, Disney+, Filmin, HBO Max and Spotify, but there are two or three apps we don’t use and we pay more than necessary. How do we save and control these virtual expenses of 10 or 20 euros per month?

The aim is to control consumption and spending on streaming platforms so that Don’t be a phantom feeKaspersky released Premium version of SubsCrab app This allows us to organize all subscriptions to these applications. This way we know how much we spent on each platform at the end of the month and can cancel the ones we haven’t used recently.

Kaspersky also shared some Bonus tips to spend less on streaming platforms:

  • Create a subscription list, including prices.
  • Update listing to show new prices, cancellations…
  • Check the list and stop paying for platforms you don’t use.
  • Take advantage of temporary offers and promotions.
  • Take advantage of the free trial, but be aware of when that period ends so you don’t get charged a monthly fee.

In short, everything translates to Strengthen expenditure control Just like you do on streaming platforms, because a lot of times we pay for content we don’t use.

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