“I wonder if he’s trying to recover from the news of the pandemic”

Alfredo Urdaci’s accusation against Lorenzo Milá: “I don’t know if he is trying to recover from the declaration of the pandemic”Jon Uriza Gillen

Alfredo Urdaccione of the historic presenters of “Telediario” From 2000 to 2004, he served as TVE News Director. Returning to public television after 19 years He left after winning a lengthy legal process to reinstate him after taking leave.

According to a Pamplona journalist who spoke to “El Debate” on Monday, he returned because This is his right as he has always wanted to end his “career” in TVE.

At the age of 64, Urdaci He returned to his home twenty years ago and left shortly after the 11M attacks in Madrid. On the anniversary of the worst attack in the history of the Spanish nation, Lorenzo Milá’s interview with then-President George W. Bush continues to stir controversy.

Another goal given to Urdaci by TVE is to air a special program called “Urdaci”. “an interview that was never aired”, In it, Mila discussed an interview he conducted with U.S. leaders on March 12, 2004, a day after the attack. According to his own version and TVE’s version, the interview was never broadcast on television. Alleged censorship of Urdahi, News Director at the time.

Alfredo Urdacci He wanted to stay away from what he called “theater” because, according to him, That interview aired. “I knew the editor of that interview, Daniel Peral, who was the head of the international department at the time,” he explained in an interview with the above-mentioned media outlet.

“The funny thing is, they initially said this unpublished interview was not aired. Then, when they were warned that it was aired, not me, I imagine there is someone in the house with a better memory than Lorenzo Milá, telling them “Hey, you made a mistake,” so they said it didn’t air in full. Of course, no interviews will be aired in full unless they’re live. said the Navarrese.

Likewise, the reporter said he was speechless when talking about the topic, “especially since it was directly intended to say: ‘Mr. Urdach censored…'” No, I have not reviewed anything at any time. “

Urdaci accuses Mira

Urdacci reiterated his opinion about the “theatre” formed around this issue, taking the opportunity to throw a dart at the popular TVE journalist: “I do not participate in that theater. Twenty years on, Lorenzo Mira ( Lorenzo Milá) all of them haven’t said a word in all these years and I don’t understand why. “I wonder if he’s trying to recover from his famous statement that this pandemic is a simple flu that can be cured with just a little Frenadol.”

20 years later

March 11, 2004 Ten devices exploded on four commuter trains in Madrid, killing 191 people and injuring 1,856 others. Francisco Javier Torronteras was killed in an explosion in Leganés del Geo, and in 2014 a woman died from the consequences of the attack after being in a coma for 10 years, The final death toll rose to 193.

The state’s first Islamist attack occurred three days ago The election in which the People’s Party lost The government of José María Aznar promoted ETA author theory. During the 28 months of investigation of the case, this argument was maintained from different aspects. But the 241 volumes of information collected during the investigation consistently pointed to Islamic authors, a theory that was proven beyond a reasonable doubt at the trial.

After 57 sessions, the trial ended on July 2, 2007, and Judge Gomez Bermudez delivered the verdict on October 31 of the same year.Of the 29 people indictedthe court acquitted 8 people and convicted 21 others.

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