‘Idol’ Why HBO Canceled Season 2

This was supposed to be “the most disgusting story in all of Hollywood” (ipse dixit HBO), as well as the grown-up heir to “Euphoria” (so fans Sam Levinson). Instead, it turned out to be a colossal failure. In just one season, American channel HBO announced cancellation Idol: This ends the story of pop star Jocelyn and the mysterious nightclub manager Tedros. Now and Forever.

Why HBO canceled ‘Idol’

In fact, rumors about the possible closure/cancellation of the series were already circulating during the series’ release. In fact, from the very beginning, press reviews, as well as fan comments, were very less than enthusiastic. There were those who emphasized the “toxic” atmosphere of the series, those who accused it of misogyny, those who spoke of excessive and unjustified vulgarity. However, everyone agreed on one thing: the story was absolutely terrible. Some have even called Idol “the worst program ever made” and also undeniably “tasteless.” Even behind the scenes the atmosphere was not entirely serene. Actually, the series was originally supposed to have an independent writer as director. Amy Seimetz, who suddenly left. And not after two days of filming: Seimetz left the film when 80% of the series was already ready. The reasons for the farewell were never clarified, but, as the American newspaper Rollingstone reports, the main character and co-producer Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye she argued that the story was perceived as too feminine. Translation: he felt overshadowed by the female protagonist…

That’s what it was called Sam Levinson who, instead of just finishing the job, started all over again, making a very stylish impression Euphoria (with all that that means…). Thus, bad mood inevitably spread among the crew. Always rolling stone compiled the following statement from one of the production’s cast members: “I signed up for a dark satire of fame and the model of fame in the 21st century: what we subject our talent and our stars to, the forces that keep people in the spotlight, and how it can be manipulated in a world after Trump. Instead, we have now moved from satire to the object of satire.”

Not only. A number of American newspapers claimed that after the change of director, a toxic atmosphere arose on the set. Those directly involved apparently denied this, except that the same rumors of “toxicity” appeared regarding many Euphoria, the director of which is Levinson. Then it was about the exhausting rhythm of work and fierce disputes between the director and actors.

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returning to IdolHowever, public expectations were initially high. In fact, the story was supposed to be a journey through the dark side of the discography: the main character was Jocelyn, a pop star looking for a second chance. Her thirst for fame drives her to do anything, and she ends up falling in love with shady nightclub manager Tedros. Our guy poses as a guru, dragging her into a cult that – at least implicitly – seems to be breaking the eyes of Scientology. In addition, to top it all off, there were two very interesting performers: Lily Rose Deppor daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis and rapper Weekend.

Criticism of “Idol” and what the actors will do

Nothing instead. The result was a mess that drew criticism and low ratings. Hence the inevitable cancellation. “Idol was one of HBO’s most provocative original projects and we are pleased with the strong audience response,” the company said in a press release. “After much consideration, HBO and the creators and producers have decided not to move forward with this project.” We are waiting for the second season. We are grateful to the writers, actors and crew for their incredible work.”

In any case, the main characters of the series quickly consoled themselves: Weekend he’s back doing what he does best, rapping, while Lily – Rose will be in a vampire movie Nosferatu. So no one stayed home waiting for unemployment benefits. Even (not to mention) Levinson: Hollywood strike permitting, he is working on the third season of the series. Euphoria. Show must go on.

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