If you own a dog, be aware that infectious respiratory diseases are affecting them

Miami. – A deadly respiratory disease is affecting dogs in ten states, including Florida.

The respiratory illness is similar to pneumonia, “which starts with a simple cough, gradually worsens and becomes resistant to antibiotics,” news portal El Tiempo Latino reports.

The disease is “contagious among canines” because they can contract it on walks, in parks, in public places such as hair salons.

The Oregon Department of Agriculture (DAO) has posted on its portal a description of symptoms that can occur when dogs contract respiratory illnesses so pet owners can remain vigilant.

DAO experts said the exact cause of the disease is unknown, but research is ongoing. In some cases, canines develop pneumonia, which rapidly worsens and becomes severe within 24 to 36 hours.

Symptoms to watch for include coughing, runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing and fatigue.

More than 200 cases have been reported since August, with some requiring oxygen and others ultimately dying, according to authorities.

Veterinarians advise dog owners to be careful.

Likewise, the Oregon Department of Agriculture offers the following recommendations:

  • Reduce contact with large numbers of unknown dogs. The more exposure your dog has, the greater the risk of encountering a contagious dog.
  • Avoid sharing common water bowls with multiple dogs.
  • Ask your veterinarian for recommendations on which vaccinations your dog should receive.
  • Common vaccines include canine influenza vaccine, Bordetella vaccine, and parainfluenza vaccine.
  • If sick, consider having your dog tested for PCR to help identify the causative agent (virus/bacteria) if possible.


fountain: Information from El Tiempo Latino/Oregon Department of Agriculture

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