LeBron James sets record, leads Lakers to win, gets revenge on Brooks

LeBron James once again defeated his old rival Dillon Brooks, scoring a season-high 37 points to give his opponent victory. Los Angeles Lakers beat Houston Rockets 105-104 A agonizing free-kick at the end.

On December 30, just over a month after his 39th birthday, Kings continue to wow basketball world He already scored 35 points heading into Friday’s game against the Trail Blazers. Conditions improved Sunday night.

The forward once again has the Los Angeles man on his back as he has extra motivation to reunite with the team. Dillon Brooks, who launched a failed public challenge in the last postseason Declaring James “old”.

LeBron shoots past Brooks (Reuters).LeBron shoots past Brooks (Reuters).

that time, Lakers ruthlessly knock Memphis out of playoffsBrooks once again ruined a defender’s night with 37 points (14-of-19 shooting), 6 rebounds and 8 assists.

The forward highlighted some of his success around the rim and took a few digs at Brooks, Like he’s too short to defend (their measurements are 2.06 and 1.98)and gave him a little push in the third quarter, causing him to get a technical foul.

LeBron puts it in (Reuters).LeBron puts it in (Reuters).

Brooks, one of the main “villains” of the NBA, He had a good performance, scoring 24 points and 6 three-pointers. But he couldn’t stop James from killing the home team at the last minute.

With one minute left in the game, his partner Anthony Davis (27 points, 10 rebounds) was ejected for a foul, and James assisted on a key three-pointer in the game. Austin Reeves then thwarted Houston’s comeback Alperen’s First Army (23 and 10).

LeBron James November 20, 2023

Lakers 105-Houston 104 in the final, LeBron James played a decisive role

The two sides tied at 104. James was fouled with 1.9 seconds left in the game. After missing the first shot, he did not lose his cool and made the second shot. Although the final ball was left to Houston, his desperation shot missed and the Lakers notched their fifth win in the last six games.

Lyndon Johnson acknowledged that Brooks “was a great competitor, and that’s what competition is, and I love it, and I need it.”

More from the NBA

Another exciting matchup in Utah, with Phoenix needing two overtimes beat the Jazz 140-137 Thanks again to their leader Kevin Durant. The forward had key performances in both overtime periods, finishing with 39 points, eight rebounds and 10 assists.

In Sunday’s other match of nine, Cameroon Joel Embiid leads Philadelphia to defeat The 76ers scored 32 points, 12 rebounds and 9 assists against the Brooklyn Nets 121-99.

Jokic complained; Denver lost.Jokic complained; Denver lost.

this denver nuggetsThe current champions suffered a third defeat in their past four games, this time away from home Cleveland Cavaliers 121-109. Serbian center Nikola Jokic was limited by foul trouble and finished with 18 points, 10 rebounds and 7 assists.

In Portland, Trail Blazers defeated by Oklahoma After defeating the Warriors in overtime the day before, the City Thunder swept the Warriors with an overwhelming advantage 134-91.


Brooklyn Nets 99 – Philadelphia 76ers 121

Toronto Raptors 142 – Detroit Pistons 113

Indiana Pacers 116 – Orlando Magic 128

Cleveland Cavaliers 121 – Denver Nuggets 109

Dallas Mavericks 113 – Sacramento Kings 129

Memphis Grizzlies 100 – Boston Celtics 102

Utah Jazz 137 – Phoenix Suns 140 (double overtime)

Portland Trail Blazers 91 – Oklahoma City Thunder 134

Los Angeles Lakers 105 – Houston Rockets 104


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