Ilari Blasi punished (6), Nina Rima and prosthesis tear (9), Emma Corrin in lingerie (5)

Look changes and twists on the fifth night of the Venice Film Festival 2023. Here are our report cards. Ilari…




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Look changes and twists on the fifth night of the Venice Film Festival 2023. Here are our report cards.

Ilari Blasi 6

But is she or the twin being punished? Ilari says goodbye to platinum blonde and frills and looks like a newcomer: an ankle-length black Dior dress, shoes, soap and water makeup and not a single gem to light up her face. Except for the fight against garbage: garbage was really killed here.

Emma Corrin 5

Tonight really feels like a game of “guess who”: but is this shaved-haired girl who showed up in her underwear (thanks Miu Miu) really Lady Diana from The Crown?

Edwig Fenech 7.5

According to the series: Meet my doppelgänger, here is Edvig in Carla Fracci’s version. Yes, but what class! Soft and flowy creamy white suit with a short cut. Great style lesson.

Nina Rima 9

The model and influencer with 113,000 followers who has made her disability her forte is also a red carpet inspiration. Icon (and not only style).

Diana Del Bufalo 5

It blossomed. Let’s hope it doesn’t fade.

Mark Bocci 7

Pardon the pun, but Bocci cannot be dismissed: more like a devil disguised as an angel, or vice versa? Your choice. (But I would make an appointment with the hairdresser).

Martina Stella 6

Little Valerie Marini grows up: slits, sequins and star kisses.

Matthew Paulillo 6

More than double-breasted, triple-breasted. Star Mare Fuori hypnotizes in Dolce & Gabbana.

Matilda Brandi 5

Not only the legs, but not only the neckline: this very long slit cuts the dress in half like an axe. Unsuccessful.

Enzo Michio 8

Can the champion of good taste Michio be wrong? Obviously not. Gorgeous from head to toe.

Rose Bertram 9

A supermodel is born and Rose is born in her. This feather cape is reminiscent of the black swan from the famous ballet. Just perfect.

Pelayo Diaz 5

Courage is good, exaggeration is not. There is one Timothee Chalamet, perhaps we should explain this to the influential person Diaz. On one shoulder, on which the tattoo is visible, is also not. Read full article
in Il Gazettino

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