‘I’ll give you a small apology’: One Marvel show Stan Lee regretted may have derailed Tom Holland’s MCU career

Among the various Marvel shows and films that have come to digital media, Stan Lee has been at the center of each of them. From amazing shows like Loki And WandaVision for the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, Lee was an integral part of the franchise. However, feature films and television shows were not the only means of digital media.

Stan Lee
Stan Lee

Some of the most beloved animated shows, including Spectacular Spider-Man And What if…, they all also made their mark as part of the franchise. While some were hit, others missed, sometimes by a small margin. There was one show that particularly disturbed Stan Lee: Spider-Man and his amazing friends. If the film had not been so successful, there is a good chance that Tom Holland would never have landed this iconic role.

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Stan Lee didn’t like working on Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends

Posted in Reign of Marvel Studios, It turns out there was one show that Stan Lee absolutely hated working on. Spider-Man and his amazing friends. Back in the 1980s, Spider-Man was not considered a hero in his own right, despite his untapped potential. Lee was the series’ narrator, but he didn’t like it.

Spider-Man and his amazing friends

“Those of you who were careless enough to tune in to Spider-Man may have seen him there with Iceman and a girl named Firestar in a team of three… I’ll give you a small apology about that too. The way it works on network television is similar to when I was a consultant on a live-action series: you could go to a network and say, “Okay, we’ll buy it.” But that doesn’t mean they’ll do it the way you want.”

Since the studios couldn’t foresee how much Spider-Man would sell on his own, he was teamed with Iceman and Firestar. However, the show looked different when the focus was on Webslinger. Unfortunately, this was not the direction Lee ever wanted the character or story to go in, leading him to passionately despise the series.

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Spider-Man and his amazing friends have blazed a trail that no one could have expected.

Before Spider-Man and his amazing friends Peter Parker was a hero the studios felt couldn’t shine on his own. He needed support and some encouragement. The success that the animated series brought paved the way for ideas that focused solely on Spider-Man as the center of attention, something that would never have been thought of before.

Tom Holland as Spider-Man in the MCU
Tom Holland as Spider-Man in the MCU

Actors like Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and especially Tom Holland, whose careers benefited greatly from the character, all might have failed had Peter Parker never been given a chance to rise. It would be a domino effect, with events unfolding on their own.

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