In 2024, a piggy bank can take a vacation anywhere you want

August is over. Come September, and with it, a new “course.” Although the year has not yet begun, for many it is also a time for new professional and personal challenges. One of them might be to start saving so that you can take a vacation to your dream destination in 2024. Caribbean, America, India, Japan, Egypt… The only requirement is to stay the same and rely on some saving skills Make a piggy bank without realizing it.

depending on monthly income and The total amount we want to save In order to go on vacation, we can adjust the amount and demand more or less in accumulating money.there are many savings challenge, But these are the three most commonly used Save 1,000 to 1,500 Euros per year.


52 week challenge

One of the most famous saving methods of the year is the 52-week challenge, although in this case we should adapt it to a 48-week challenge in order to go on vacation in went viral USA and many users Social network They shared their experiences saving and subsequently enjoying their savings.

There are two ways to do this. One is more constant and linear. Add one euro to the piggy bank every Monday, and another euro every day until you get to seven euros on Sunday.Therefore, adding up to €28 per week, multiplied by the 52 weeks of the year, gives the total 1456 euros.

The second form of challenge is more unequal and contributes to the accumulation of 1,378 euros. It consists of depositing one euro in the first week, two in the second, three in the third and so on up to 52. In the first month you hardly need to deposit 10 euros, but in the twelfth month this amount will exceed 200.

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bottle challenge

Another savings model that has become popular around the world is by replacing the piggy bank with a two-liter bottle.The biggest requirement is Forget about those so-called ant fees, the things we pay unconsciously every day for things like coffee, soft drinks, subway tickets instead of walks, subscriptions to services we don’t use, or anything else we can’t think of.Because All that money is what we’re going to put in the bottle.

The cost of ant fees is very low, so it’s hard to remember.but if we keep them for a month, we see This means we can save hundreds of euros on the bottle. And if the challenge is between two people, the number will multiply.So every time we’re going to pay a fee that we could have avoided entirely, or could have lowered its price by choosing a different product, we’ve kept One- and two-euro coins in the “piggy bank”.

Photo of Euro banknotes.

To successfully pass the bottle method, It is recommended to carry only banknotes, Because we usually spend more money to change them to pay for the ant. For example, if we carry a few coins, we will buy a bag of potatoes at a small nearby shop sooner than if we carry a 20 euro note.You must also always be aware of these small fees paid by your bank Debit, credit or Bizum cards, Because sometimes all counts are lost.

But as with all such challenges, the amount of savings is always dependent on income.this bottle method not bound by any time period. So we can take enough time to see how the in-the-bottle savings grow at our own pace.but it’s important Coins are added regularly so that it does not stand still.

Wei Jie

80/20 technique

The third challenge of saving for a vacation in a year’s time is the 80/20 technique. This is the one that most depends on our salary. CNBC financial expert Mike Winters said: 80% must be used to cover monthly expenses, Like rent or bills, but also give yourself a whim until the end of the month.

because The remaining 20% ​​of our salary must be used for Invest, save or pay off debt And start “an emergency fund that covers their expenses for three to six months.”If our salary is 1,500 eurosaccording to this theory, we should assign 300 euros per month to these games.

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