In addition to Musk, Zuckerberg challenges Dolce (and Gabbana?): Scorsese’s Facebook video of Sicilian fancasists – MOW

PFor those who don’t know it, Polizzi Generosa is not just a village, if anything, crowned with a noble crown; shortly before the great war, he was even going to betray himself the pope, the former Secretary of State of the Vatican, Mariano Rampolla del Tindaro, the hostile position of the Poles, finally, turned out to be decisive in preventing him from being elected to the papacy. And again, on a much more prosaic level, know that the “leftist” journalist friend Michele Serra, responsible among other things for the perfume “Eau de Moi”, signed with his partner Giovanna Zucconi the brand “Serra e Fonseca” originally from Polizzi; Serra Errante is a surname named in full. And here the list of honor of the city goth could be continued for a long time … Oh, I forgot, among other original figures of the same name, one should also mention Antonio Rampoll, a descendant of the missing His Holiness, he, however, is an intellectual. and militant anarchist. It is known that the name “Generosa” was granted by Frederick II, impressed by the excellent reception given by the local plebeian. We are talking, of course, about a historically remarkable place. So all the way to Domenico Dolce, the other half of Gabbana’s sky, to quote the Great Pilot, who starting with Madoni, he created his own imperial fashion throne.. No less marked by valiant Sicilian pride (Sicilians live in Catania and its offshoots, this is known to this day) advertising campaigns inspired by the gamet of our Dolce, including “Italian Divorce”, with Marcello Mastroianni with the mustache of the native baron Cefalu in “Seduced abandoned”, where the huge Saro Urzi, referring to the city dog, shouts: “uncivilized, retrograde, Calabrian!”. Oh, semantic advertising debt that Dolce “and that other”as Ottavio Cappellani appropriately calls his colleague Gabbanarecognize Sicily: slippers and carts, maranzani and pizzeria caps from Belmonte Mezzagno or Countess Entellina, ficuses, cacti, eucalyptus trees and all black silk shorts and shorts and culottes, curtains swayed by the south wind, and no less regal behind the shutters Monica Belucci is mournfully dressed sighing in black implicit signs of comfort, and when I say this, always remembering such an island scenario, immune to the myth of work because of the heat, Wolinski’s caricature comes to mind, where the Cefalu cactus rebels against the mafia and the local boss is such a “don Chichio” (sic) . But I do not want to digress too much now, although Sicily, as her literature teaches, is now and always off topic. Let’s not forget numerous commercials of the brand in question, where Domenico himself showed himself to be a child, while others, his peers, played in the square with a strummulor devote yourself to “salt”, a cruel native practice that requires you to find a victim, block him and sprinkle salt on a pea, and he, in a motherly way, stay there, be a miniature tailor, cut little dresses and dresses for dolls, models that in the future would give life to his inspiration and, perhaps, to entire collections, but all this once left the sleepy Polizzi to reach Milan and the catwalks with all the splendor of glamorous clich├ęs and other pleasures, such as appearing next to Naomi Campbell..

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