In Idol, Abel The Weeknd Tesfaye doesn’t try to seduce you as Tedros.

It would be an understatement to call a resounding “no” from an empath. Abel Tesfaye when i ask him if there is a sex scene in the second episode Idol should look “sexy”. An HBO series that Tesfaye interprets Tedrosa mysterious club owner trying to scam a pop star Jocelyn (Lily Rose Depp) is in a complete emotional crisis, has been absent for only two weeks and is already at the center of discussions and disputes. Sex that flirts with erotic suffocation and knife gameis that too obvious? Are these provocations an end in themselves? What is he really trying to say Tesfayeseries creator and writer with his co-writer Reza Fahim and the king of ridicule Sam Levinson?

Cast Tedros, Tesfaye wants to present to the public a completely different image of himself than the one associated with Weekend, the musical alter ego that has revolutionized pop and R&B over the past decade. Slippery, seductive club manager – maybe a cult leader? — might leave some viewers dumbfounded. The idea, as the artist points out, is precisely this. The character’s details, from outward behavior to ulterior motives, will be revealed little by little in what he calls “a five-hour movie.” Tesfaye also says he can’t pick his favorite scene and prefers the audience to see it in its entirety. GQ contacted him by phone in Copenhagen, where he was staying during his tour, to get a better view of his point of view.

GQA: We saw the first two episodes. What do you think the reaction of the public and critics at the moment?
Weekend – I like it. We really shook up the culturelaughs). We wanted to create something dark and controversial, but fitting with the story we wanted to tell.

Do you think the audience is reacting as expected?
I think discussions are great anyway. However, I’m glad you’re talking about it. This is important for everything I do, and especially for the new environment in which I began to express myself.

Tell us about how you built Tedros. In the second episode, we understand that this is a character that will be revealed gradually, piece by piece.
This thing was decisive. It’s hard to try to explain who Tedros is without revealing too much or removing too many layers. We tried to keep the character mysterious so that the audience can recognize him at the right moment. Piece by piece, week by week, we’ll reveal who it is. After all, this is what you see on the screen. Call. He’s evil, crazy, why sweeten reality? But somehow it will be useful to this girl, even if it is a problem, and it hurts us to see it.

In some scenes, your performance has an almost vampire feel, even in the way the character is framed.
Absolutely. Tedros has a menacing vibe, aesthetically, in some scenes…

Like the scene at the Jocelyn Gate in the first episode.
Yes, it’s intentional to elevate the camp level of the series. In truth, there is absolutely nothing mysterious or hypnotic about it. Tedros. We worked on the image, outfits, hair – in the end, he is a loser. You immediately understand that he cares a lot about appearance and feels handsome. Then there are these abrupt moments when he is on his own, rehearsing and just counting. He is pathetic, he has nothing but the ability to pretend. This applies to many people who enter a certain environment but remain fish in the water.

You look at Tedros and see a cold calculator. Jocelyn may be his biggest prey. It’s so obvious. He can’t help it, walks around Jocelyn’s mansion, thinking: Man, is this all true? This could be my best work. Whatever he does. Even in sex he is so greedy. Especially in the second episode. “Gola” is the only word that comes to mind to describe him. He cannot believe he is there. Comes out as an outsider. These are the moments that show the human side of the psychopath, the crack in his armor.

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