Woman at the top of Pornhub: “We will clean up the site so that it is more respectable”

NY – She is called the “real queen of porn” because she has a leadership role. A woman was appointed head of the community and brand in pornhub, a porn site with twenty-two million registered users and 80,000 views per minute. called Alexandra Kekesi, In the photos published by the site accompanying the announcement, she appears in a thoughtful pose, leaning on her right hand, which she holds as a support, her cheek, gray eyes, dark hair, flaming red lips and a barely visible cleavage.

But if you’re wondering, the answer is wrong: Kekeshi is not a porn actress. For many years she was the group’s marketing director. Now a new property, Canadian company Ethical Capital Partners, which acquired the site earlier in the year, has decided to make it the company’s image face, one that will speak publicly and deal with ethical issues on behalf of the company. . The decision to give a manager a lead role for a site where women are known for other roles is the latest card to rejuvenate a highly popular and controversial brand.

Pornhub has returned from a disastrous period accused of publishing “revenge porn” content, promoting content that deals with sexual abuse, exploiting minors and using girls without their knowledge to make them the protagonists of red light videos. The site banned Instagram, which he himself accused of hypocrisy: spicy shots Kim Kardashian Yes, the company said, not ours?

In 2020, Visa and Mastercard removed access to the payment system for services. MindGeek, the corporation of which the site is a part, is on the verge of bankruptcy. To save itself from collapse, Pornhub cleaned up the site, removed nine million illegal videos, and asked users to sign up. But the fights are not over. In May, in the US, the company blocked access in Utah after a law required mandatory verification that users were at least eighteen years old. Last month, for the same reasons, it was Virginia’s turn. The new owners hope that the woman will also be the protagonist of the image transformation.

Managers in this industry rarely become public figures. Kekesi has been appearing everywhere for two days now: in the media, on social networks. In her first executive interview, Kekesy explained her mission to the New York Post: “I want to help people see Pornhub as a brand, the values ​​we hold, what it really stands for, and achieve a high level of respectability.”

Many seem to disagree. “Those who are looking for porn only want this, to hell with the values,” commented a Post reader. “No one wants respectability from a porn site,” added another. “The moment,” Kekesi explained, “someone becomes more visible to interact with others, the company will stop being something without a face, it will make it more attractive.”

She will take care of the annual Pornhub Awards, the equivalent of the night of the Oscars but in porn, where best actor, best actress, the most voted men and women, and actors in various categories are awarded. , from MILFs to Trans Performer, and in which anatomical size is revered like a Hollywood soundtrack. Rapper and producer Kanye West has been among the guests of past episodes.

Kekeshi will also be co-hosting a podcast with porn star Asa Akira, with the goal, as Pornhub explains, to “counteract censorship in the adult film industry, arts and culture.” Back to the real purpose of the operation: to start settling accounts with the world of censors, starting with Instagram, but using the hopeful face of a woman.

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