in the video he is leaving the stage due to pain

Yesterday, Saturday 8 July, in Vienna, where the Harry Styles concert was held, there was another case of objects being thrown at the singers on stage. The artist was injured by a flying object thrown at the artist by a fan.

Audiences at concerts continue to throw objects at performers on stage, a worrying trend among youths that is seeing more and more victims. Tomorrow too, Saturday 8th July, Harry Styles He was struck in the face with an object during a show in Vienna: Popcrave shared a video showing the singer bending over in pain after being hit. Several similar episodes have been recorded recently: after the ashes of a deceased were delivered to Pink, cell phones blew up at concerts baby rexa, FlyAnd brash Which was incredible from the Tim Summer Hits stage.

harry styles video shot in the face

He was reportedly walking backstage at the concert when someone threw an object at him, which hit him in the face. However, the singer continued with his walk, showing pain on his face in shock. Harry Styles was in Vienna on Saturday 8 July where the concert was held at the Ernst Happel Stadium.

Bebe Rexha was hit in the face by a phone during a recent performance, Lil Nas X was given a sex toy as a gift, not to mention Pink buried a fan’s mother’s ashes. was thrown on the stage. Drake was given a cell phone, as was young Italian rapper Brash. The episodes in question are now part of an increasingly common trend among concert-goers. Adele had cleared things with fans days before the performance: “If you throw anything, I’ll kill you.”

Harry Styles is required to provide his data to New Zealand for the 2023 census

Adele’s ironic threat before concert

“Have you noticed that lately people have forgotten their manners at concerts and started throwing things on stage?”With these words Adele introduced the theme during a show held at the Palace Hotel in Las Vegas in early July. The singer wanted to clear things up to try to put an end to the many recent incidents that have happened on forums around the world: “I challenge you to throw anything at me and I will kill you. Stop throwing stuff at the cast.”

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