In the video, the stars who are engaged in gardening and have a garden

Beyond glamorous parties, boats, pools and sparkling red carpets, the real summer 2023 trend is spending time air, in your vegetable garden or in your flower garden, working in the sun and then enjoying the fruits of the earth. to tell us they celebrity.

Pamela finds peace in her garden

Pamela Anderson, 56, thanks for the wishes received on her birthday by posting a video showing her in jeans, a T-shirt and a wide-brimmed straw hat. in your favorite garden, landing and digging. Around her only the sounds of nature and, it seems, alone found peace.

Jennifer tries everything

Jennifer Garner loves to share photos of her summer garden full of fruit trees whose strengths are humility and spontaneity. The actress spends a lot of time in her estate, for example try the fruit it’s in drive a tractor for his farm. Then he tries his hand at it tik tak about culinary adventures. What can’t you do?

Oprah has a real farm

Not surprisingly, Oprah Winfrey also has a large farm where she grows fruits and vegetables with passion and enthusiasm, as well as flowers, showing pride and determination with an Instagram video. The American presenter has always encouraged her viewers and fans to an authentic, sustainable and conscious lifestyle and has written on this topic. some books.

And then a surprise

Finally, surprisingly, among the stars who have a vegetable garden and a lush garden, there is also Kylie Jenner. A young mother spends a lot of time in her garden with her children. stormy (5 years) e Air (1) and sometimes he gives us a taste of his green paradise by sharing photos of fruits and vegetables directly from his property in his stories. Did you expect this from her?


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