Phrases and images to wish a happy mid-August

From B-B-Q with friends To campfire by the sea. Whatever the choice, the main thing is to have a good time August 15 maybe with friends, different place than usual, and why not, even better if with great food, like a classic sweet pepper chicken which imposes Roman tradition. Dulcis in fundo, a fresh slice of watermelon at the end of the meal. However, not everyone manages to spend this holiday with their loved ones, friends and girlfriends. So what to write to these people who, although not with us on this day, are still in our thoughts? Here you are many original ideas to congratulate on mid-August!

Funny phrases of Ferragosto

Funny thoughts to share on August 15th to make you smile good phrase to copy and send mocking food and warmth:

What are you doing on August 15th? this is the summer version of “What are you doing on New Year’s Eve?”. Congratulations!

And today 50 shades of the grid.

Ferragosto is the party that, along with Christmas and Easter, was created to ruin the year of the diet.

Life is like a barbecue. There is always someone who sweats all day for others to sit and eat. Mid-August!

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Going on a diet in mid-August is like walking through sales without a credit card: crazy.

Mid-August, my scales, I don’t know you.

To those who experience the emotions of the holiday, and to those who enjoy the day of rest: I wish you a wonderful August 15!

Happy holiday colleagues! See you in September, perhaps more relaxed and, why not, more tanned.

Mid-August – a pink apostrophe between the words “tee” and “waiting with a digestif in my hands.”

Phrases for mid-August and summer

An old tradition and a summer day par excellence. The holiday takes its name from the Latin Fairs of August (the rest of August). Straightawaythe most beautiful phrases to write about mid-August and summer:

Seeing the sky in summer is poetry, even if it is not written in any book. (Emily Dickinson)

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My deepest feeling is that the middle of August is the holiday of Nothing, and I agree with this belief. (George Manganelli)

Summer is always special, whether hot or cold, dry or wet. (Gustave Flaubert)

Live in the sun, swim in the sea, drink the wild air. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

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Summer nights and my radio. Well, that’s all we need. (Van Halen)

Here we are in the pine forest, at the crossroads where the limonarians stand, with day-trippers stretched out in the shade of the pines, with the radio turned on, packages and bottles of mid-August. (Alberto Moravia)

Common Ferragosto Phrases

Thoughts to dedicate relatives, friends and colleagues. Phrases to write those who are on vacation or enjoying a well-deserved break in the city. Images to download This want to share 15 august:

Best regards and best wishes for a happy August 15… with the hope that the holidays will last as long as possible.

Happy mid-August… let it be a day of serenity and ease

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From the middle of August. May it be filled with sunshine, laughter and magic.

Don’t forget to make yourself happy. Happy mid-August everyone.

Best wishes for the middle of August, full of dreams and shooting stars.

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Mid-August is the buoy around which summer revolves. But it is not yet the time to succumb to the melancholy of autumn. It’s time to enjoy the day, bite into it like a slice of watermelon.

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