In ‘Together for Change’ they highlight the power of Burridge’s intervention

Tonight, leaders of the Conspiracy for Change highlighted the “power” and “courage” of opposition coalition presidential candidate Patricia Burridge during the second presidential debate at Columbia Law School. Buenos Aires (UBA).

Former President Mauricio Macri ended the article by writing: “Those who in 2019 were full of hope and continued the struggle to achieve real change must feel Patricia’s strength and courage today to achieve our The Argentina of dreams. This is Patricia.” Debate.

Before the debate, Macri posed for a photo with Burridge and other JxC leaders. The photo was posted on social networks, but he subsequently disappeared from the faculty hall where the debate took place.

Meanwhile, the candidate for deputy chairman of “Together for Change” Luis Petry criticized Javier Milais for “breaking his promise on the issue of arms and organ sales” and emphasized that Burlic was “firm in his words”.

“She raised and put the issue of corruption on the table, and she was the only one who dared to mention it,” Burridge’s running mate said in a statement to the media after the debate.

In turn, the economist Carlos Melconian, who was eventually appointed as economy minister, said that Burridge’s performance was “very good” and clarified: “I will not change what I said last week. It’s a limited and restricted debate in terms of what’s being said, but I see Patricia very clearly in comparison.”

On the other hand, he admitted that he met with Economy Minister Sergio Massa: “I met with everyone and I will continue to do so, it is a matter of communication and conversation.”

After the debate, Burridge herself – who had to undergo SAME treatment for conjunctivitis in one of her eyes – spoke positively of her performance: “It was a strong position and Working Together for Change explained it very well to citizens. clear.”

“We succeeded in making it clear to citizens what JxC is and what Kirchnerism means,” he stressed, arguing that “in terms of security, we clearly raised the most important issues, such as drug trafficking and crime.” Summarize.

For radical Mario Negri, in the debate, “Millay was back to his essence today: a panelist on Intratables. He responded with venom to the FIT candidate, as he Saying he would trample ‘red,’ he made a derisive face when Bullrich said. As he posted on his X account, “He exposed all his contradictions.” He was not up to the task. “(Télam)

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