Increase in number of patients with intestinal and urinary tract infections in Jalisco | Mexico Newscast

watery intestinal infection, urinary tract infectionperipheral venous insufficiency, gastritisulcers and depressedare some of the diseases that have increased in the population of Jalisco, belonging to 10 Cases with a high incidence.

The Jalisco State Secretariat of Health counts to the 32nd week of epidemiology 122,000,969 cases watery intestinal infection and 117,000,723 cases Hector Gerardo Hernández Pérez, a professor of public health and epidemiology at the University of Guadalajara, said the prevalence of urinary tract infections is high.

“Yes, more or less, it’s not a 22% to 30% increase in cases over previous years, which is logical if we look at it from an epidemiological point of view climate change Yes, they affect the fact that we know more about the condition and, secondly, the management of food,” explains Hernandez-Perez.

Regarding peripheral venous insufficiency, there are 10,000 282 cases According to experts, these phenomena have also increased so far this year, which may be related to the current lifestyle encourages a sedentary lifestyle And bad eating habits.

“Usually they complain of pain in their legs, and logically the pain is less when they walk or when they rest, but it hurts when they walk They feel discomfort, pain, burning sensation, His legs got cold and that’s when we really had to check it,” the professor said.

Stress may be responsible for a 45% increase in depression cases, of which there will be 6,483 cases of depression in 2023, 39,402 of which will be gastritis and ulcers.

“A new disease brings stress to most people, stress, an emotion that affects other parts of the body, and logically one of them is the stomach and the other is the epidemic, There have also been many cases of domestic violence. There are also cases of depression as many people live alone,” said Hernández Pérez.


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