Victoria’s Secret World Tour: Will it be more inclusive?

Gathering some of their most famous angels for Iconnew collection campaign Victoria’s Secret ready to get back into fashion Victoria’s Secret World Tourone updated and more “awakened” re-release of their historical secret shows. The new event, which will be presented at the end of September, was conceived more as a kind of documentary than just a fashion show, and was conceived as a celebration of feminine beauty in all its nuances, thus continuing rebranding started in recent years. In fact, it was 2018 when the American company announced the cancellation of its annual show, overwhelmed by allegations of misogyny against former boss Ed Razek, as well as criticism for both its lack of inclusiveness and its celebration of an ideal of unrealistic female beauty. Since then, Victoria’s Secret, emulating other competitors more sensitive to modern sensibilities, has replaced its angels. VS Collective, expanded its size range and developed products that had previously been overlooked because they did not fit its core definition of sexuality, such as nursing and post-mastectomy bras. After 4 years, the lingerie brand is ready to return to the podium. So we learned about a new event.

It will be a celebration of the uniqueness of every woman.

Let’s forget the models from the past, the new show will be dedicated toinclusiveness and from diversity. The company promises not to repeat the same mistakes, oblivious to cultural changes and continuing to perpetuate the unattainable stereotype of beauty that was sexist and fat-shaming. This is what Raul Martinez, head of EVP (Employer Value Proposition) and creative director of Victoria’s Secret, promises: “We have evolved and moved forward, but have not missed anything along the way. We see both our new storytelling, which is our mission, which is to celebrate all female voices, and pure and simple entertainment, to continue to offer the public what something iconic”.

Young women designers will take part in it.

The Victoria’s Secret World Tour will be a travelogue of sorts, bringing talent together to celebrate women’s ability to create beauty, not just be pretty figures to show off to the male eye. That’s why the brand decided to focus on four young designers with different backgrounds: Supriya Lele from London, Bubu Ogisi from Lagos JennyFax Tokyo and Melissa Valdez Bogota. Each of them will release their own lingerie collection which, along with videos describing the work in progress, will be presented as part of a documentary show along with another line of clothing designed by the Victoria’s Secret team.

Dodge Cat to headline Victoria’s Secret World Tour

Singer Woman will take part in the world tour, not only perform, perhaps announce some songs from his new album, but also present some of the works that he specially developed for this event, together with the Victoria’s Secret team and its creative director Brett Alan Nelson. flesh-colored latex suit. Doja Cat is enthusiastic about cooperation and said: “Victoria’s Secret has always been such a fun and inspiring brand to me from the beginning, and I love saying that to this day. Being part of a global phenomenon like the Tour has been an incredible experience.”. Speaking about the images he created, he added: “Because the Tour is a celebration of the power and unique talent of creative people, we really wanted to convey that message through this image. I felt so strong and confident wearing these things.”.

Cast and first teaser

The lingerie company has just released a teaser for the show and has also issued a warning to some of the models attending the event. The set is a series of illuminated pink tunnels reminiscent of the one Rihanna used for the Savage X Fenty Show 2019. Among the stars who will attend are Hailey Bieber, Naomi Campbell, Gigi Hadid, Honey Dijon, Imaan Hammam, Iris Low AND Leela Mossbut VS Angels will also return to the podium Candice Swanepoel, Lily Aldridge AND Adriana Lima. And for those who ask if, despite the changes, the Victoria’s Secret world tour will be sexy, Raul Martinez answers. “Yes, it will definitely be, but from a female point of view”.

When and where can the show be seen?

As with Savage x Fenty, the Victoria’s Secret World Tour will air on September 26 on Prime Video.

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