“Incredible and outrageous words. All lies”

Lizzo over the past few hours, he has been the focus of media and legal attention. Although the singer has always spoken out against prejudice against the female body, Lizzo was instead accused of harassment sex, shaming the body and creating an unhealthy work environment. Consequently, the singer decided to respond to the harsh accusations that three dancers of her team addressed to her with a post published on her profile. Instagram. Let’s see what the singer has to say in detail.

Lizzo, three dancers accuse her of harassment: “She made us eat bananas from female sex workers”

Megan Fox and a transparent dress that creates an optical illusion: “These are not my nipples”

“The last few days have been incredibly frustrating,” he said. Lizzo in your post Instagram -. My work ethic, morality and respect were called into question. My character has been criticized. I usually prefer not to respond to false accusations, but they are incredible and outrageous to ignore. These sensational stories come from former employees who have already publicly admitted that their behavior during the tour was inappropriate and unprofessional. As an artist I have always been very passionate about what I do. I take my music and performances seriously because ultimately I just want to release the best art that represents me and my fans. With passion comes hard work and high standards.

He then added, “Sometimes I have to make tough decisions, but it was never my intention to make anyone feel uncomfortable or like they weren’t an important part of the team. I don’t want to be seen as a victim of the situation, but I also know that I am not the villain that people and the media have portrayed in the past few days. I am very open about my sexuality and how to express it, but I can’t accept or allow people to use that openness to make me look like someone I’m not.”

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