Influencer dumps Tom Brady and sparks controversy over Taylor Swift love: ‘Gatão’ | Celebrities

Slovak influencer Veronika Rajek appears to have given up on her platonic love for Tom Brady, having made it clear to him multiple times on Instagram own position. Now, a 27-year-old model is provoking a new era: Travis Kelce, American football player and mostly in love with Taylor Swift.

The muse, who posted his profile on the social network with 6.3 million followers, posted a photo of his trip to the stadium last Sunday (26th) to watch the showdown between the Las Vegas Raiders and the Kansas City Chiefs photo.

Veronika Rajek wasn’t on stage to spend time with Travis Kelce — Photo: Reprodução/Instagram

Veronica’s Raiders lost 31-17, but the result didn’t matter because the two Chiefs, Kelce, stole all of her attention. After sharing her many clicks from the stadium, she acknowledged the legend: “Vegas is better, but the Chiefs play well. I have to admit.”

She then continued, “Kyles is a great player and a cat.” The influencer also said, “Get Taylor,” referring to the singer and athlete’s face.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce — Photo: Instagram

Taylor Swift — Photo: Reprodução/Instagram

We comment, many people criticize or post no famous news. “What’s the importance of this postage?”, provocou um. “You’re beautiful. But behind someone else’s house. You don’t want to be alienated like Taylor’s fans!” he suggested the second. “Isn’t this the girl Tom Brady loves?”, ironizou mais um.

In some posts, a 1.80 m tall muse wore a shirt that paid tribute to Brady and made it clear that he wanted to be more like Gisele Bündchen’s ex-husband. Even, on the day he announced the end of his career, he found a suitable trocadilho with the word “aposentatoria” in the legend of a post with a cool photo.

However, he never expressed his thoughts on the Slovakian model at the end of his time in the NFL.

Slovak influencer Veronika Rajek — Photo: Reprodução/Instagram

Slovakian Veronika Rajek falls in love with Tom Brady — Photo: Reprodução/Instagram

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen — Photo: Getty Images

A social network star received international proof for the first time when she left for an unusual reason: she had to suffer because she was very beautiful. “I don’t know if you’re perfect, but you’re so close to me as a human being that you don’t want to have an argument with me. “I’m bad because people give me a hard time because I’m pretty,” she revealed in 2021. “They think I’m Be an AI mugger or impostor. I consider myself an alien… as our people don’t even believe I exist. “

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