Inside Kim Kardashian’s divorce

They call them “America’s Royals,” the “Power Couple of Hollywood,” and together they create a two-billion-dollar industry. It may be true that money doesn’t bring happiness (but being poor isn’t such a good thing either). Therefore, after a legal fight between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, the spotlight turns to another VIP marriage that failed in public and lost a few zeros in this brand, which also includes four children.

Kim Kardashian vs Kanye West: divorce becomes documentary film in two episodes, on Discovery+, and is especially appealing to those who want to confirm another adage, namely: even the rich cry. Even with champagne costing thousands of dollars and caviar brought from France.

The first episode – and also the most detailed and interesting – tells the story of the breakup from the rapper’s point of view, the second – with many images and interviews already filmed in the first – shows the other side of the coin, starting with when Kim decided to become famous and began appearing in show business as Paris Hilton’s assistant.

The narrative follows different time frames, using experts (lawyers, psychologists, journalists) to comment on the story, as well as videos, photographs and words posted online by the couples themselves. There’s no real detective work or in-depth analysis here. In the best case, the defense of the opponents is taken over by the manager of one or another.

For two years, Kim and Kanye fought each other. break up, but they were the ones who talked about it, basically he was against the divorce.

Kanye version

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