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It will be released at the end of summer Murder in Venice: is the title in Italian of a new film directed by and starring Kenneth Branagh, Ghosts in Venicecontinuing the series of film adaptations of his works Agatha Christie. After the success of the previous chapters, Murder on the Orient Express 2017 and Murder on the Nile In 2022, we will embark on another mystery, which this time will combine the tones of the mystery with others that are darker and more grotesque. As such, Branagh will return to take on the role of the Belgian investigator. Hercule Poirot and direct an all-star cast from a script written again Michael Green and the soundtrack to Hildur Gunadottirthe same composer as Joker.

What is this based on? Murder in Venice?

Unlike previous films based on Christie’s famous masterpieces, Murder in Venice it will be based on a novel or short story by a writer called Poirot and the killing of the innocentin original Halloween Party: Among his lesser-known works, this is nonetheless an excellent experiment in combining crime fiction and gothic. Steve Asbell 20th Century Studios, which is producing the film, promises:Quite a bold change in tone and genre“, and Branagh himself says that “Adapting a complex and little-known tale set in a charming city is a great opportunity for us as filmmakers.

What is he talking about Murder in Venice?

Murder in Venice The action takes place in a post-World War II lagoon city dominated bycreepy and disturbing atmosphere. On Halloween, Hercule Poirot, living in exile in Venice, is invited to session which is held in one of the most beautiful, but at the same time dilapidated Venetian buildings. But when one of the guests he was mysteriously killedThe mustachioed detective will once again have to use all his intuition to navigate the shadows and secrets of the other participants until he identifies the real killer.

Who’s in the cast Murder in Venice?

In addition to Branagh’s impressive performances and charisma, this adaptation again draws on star cast (previous films featured names such as Michelle Pfeiffer, Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz, Gal Gadot, etc.). In this new film we will see the Oscar-winning actress. Michelle Yeoh, Jaime Dornan From 50 shades AND BelfastAmerican comedian Tina Fey, Camille Cottin seen in original French Call my agent AND Kelly Reilly main character Yellowstone. But there will also be an Italian representation with Riccardo Scamarciodesigned to interpret the distinctly “local” character of Vitale Portfoglio.

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