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Fashion is changing course, consumerism is becoming less attractive and instead of buying fast fashion items products are preferred vintage and used or superior quality, destined to resist over time. From this point of view, all those bizarre and bizarre outfits that we can wear several times in a lifetime are practically put aside, and not basic wardrobe able to give life to many outfits by mixing a few pieces of cool cut.

The consequence of all this is that minimal style undoubtedly more fashionable than ever, substantial and elegantbased on the concept less – more. Minimalist style has become not just a style of clothing, but a real statement. Let’s find out things and how to recreate it, as well as drawing inspiration from all this celebrity who made it their distinctive feature in clothing.

What does minimalist clothing mean?

In an era of exaggeration and glamor, more and more people are returning to the minimalist style (and not just in terms of fashion). But what does it mean This? Driven by desire austerityfrom having to show less and discover thatauthenticity that does not pass through the approval of others, those who choose a minimalist style want to take a totalitarian and unshakable position.

The minimalist style in clothing and fashion in general does not strive for visual impact, does not want to surprise or shake souls. One is preferred clean and sober styledefinitely simple but effortlessly elegant. They exploit themselves main subjects AND neutral colors to give life to always different looks, but without having to buy new items or focus all attention on an original and special piece.

Minimalism is styleevergreentimeless clothes and almost automatic combinations, which he avoids. frills and artifacts in favor of a lighter yet still chic fashion.

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How to dress in a minimalist style? Required Items

If you want to lean towards minimalist clothing, then you need to have some required details be able to create outfits that, in spite of everything, are always original. Begin with basics: choose clothes and accessories that essential, which is necessary to create any image, but at the same time quite restrained in shapes and colors. For example, let’s talk about T-shirt black and white, del little black dress for elegant occasions, one oversized shirtfrom a couple jeans (better if the leg is straight) and so on.

Pick one neutral palette because that way you will always have the right combinations. mixed up tailor’s clothing and others still casual and sporty to create an elegant and fashionable look. Prints and patterns should be used in moderation, while accessories put everything on timeless designfunctional details and sobriety.

bags become geometric and no frills, but functional, I jewelry in gold or silver etc. You can choose plain outfits for maximum elegance or choose bold colors dosed with others, softer. To spice up your look, bet on everything silhouette. Play with textures and volumes create interesting, albeit essentially basic outfits.

Minimalist style: stars to inspire

While it’s true that most celebrities turn to eccentric style to surprise and define their public identity, some choose minimal style as the key to their success. If you are also thinking about this change, we suggest you who will inspire you.

Minimalistic and light clothing by Jennifer Aniston

It seems that Jennifer Aniston follow two principles in terms of fashion: simplicity and comfort. She obviously doesn’t shy away from elegance, but even when she chooses skirts and dresses, she does so with these cornerstones in mind.

His closet is full flared jeansFrom T-shirt monochrome and basic, shorts jeans or linen, mix with tailored jacketsheel type shoes neckline or wedgesa couple of bracelets and some more cool bag. Result sophisticated but simpleand obviously minimal.

Minimal and chic clothes like Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton always manage to get everyone’s attention minimalist chic outfits. The Duchess of Cambridge knows how to pair unique pieces with pret-a-porter, diamonds and inexpensive branded jewelry. Specify it all elegant clothes which never go out of style, are combined in many colors, but at the same time remain durable.

square heel which she often chooses, gives her a sophisticated yet simple, almost reassuring look. choose vintage cuts for example, puffy skirts or dresses with straps to recreate a glamorous silhouette. Finally, he likes to insert creative detail in any look, be it a charming item or an eye-catching pair of earrings.

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Sports minimalism Hailey Bieber

Hailey Bieber he has a unique and super repetitive style. Even the young IT girl has chosen a minimalistic style, with impurities. sporty chic and affects urban. We often see her wearing it. oversized jackets and shirts to enrich her look, such as wearing it with shorts and a crop top. She loves Me neutral colorsfrom beige to white, from black to gray, seasoned with lots of denim.

She then freshens up her look with accessories: Square and 2000s-style sunglasses, shoulder bags, sneakers or pumps. Yes, mix and match sportswear and elegant things for a truly unique look.

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